Review of "From Marilyn, with Love"

BY Jessica Schoeman

From Marilyn, with love Review
There is only one way to describe an outstanding performance such as From Marilyn with love: Oscar Worthy. The calibre of the performance by the junior school was what could be expected of professional actors and they were all dressed to impress. With guest appearances from Meghan Trainor, Queen Elsa, Princess Anna and Olaf the Snowman, Michael Jackson, as well as a recreation of Grease by the teachers, it was truly a night to remember.
First up, the Grade 7s dazzled with their performance to Radio Ga Ga, by Queen. With a wonderful introduction by Mrs Woods, the audience anticipated greatness and were not left unimpressed. The Grade 7s danced with much enthusiasm and audience members were either singing along to the music or bobbing around in their seats, wishing that they could also be involved in the dancing.
The adorable Grade 4s drew the audience into a dream of a little girl and were all bright shining stars as they effortlessly danced around the stage to Meghan Trainor’s Better When I am Dancing. It was extremely cute and amazing to see how the babies of the school enthralled the audience and showed how brave they were to put on such an extraordinary performance. Rebecca Wilkinson, who played Meghan Trainor, says “I loved performing for all of the parents. It was very exciting! Every day was so much fun practising for this special concert for Mrs Woods’ farewell. The concert is very inspiring and was a beautiful farewell to our principal.”
The Grade 5s presented the winter wonderland of Frozen to the audience. It was absolutely amazing to watch them, and one felt as if they had stepped into their TV whilst watching the movie, as the Grade 5s put on such a realistic performance, not to mention how super cute they were.
The Grade 6s amazed everyone with their fantastic play about class time and dances to Justin Bieber’s What Do You Mean and Sorry. It was delightful to watch them joyfully and energetically act out their play and then dance to the music, which perfectly fit into the scenes of the play.
The Grade 7s once again, put on an indescribably wonderful rendition of dances to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson. The Michael Jackson dance was so well done that it was possible to believe that you were really at one of his concerts.
The Riebeek teachers also gave outstanding performances. Miss Mintoor gave phenomenal performances of Disney songs, including Somewhere over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz, For the first time in Forever from Frozen and Somewhere out there from An American Tale. The audience was left hanging on every note which Miss Mintoor sang. Riebeek is truly blessed to have gained such an amazing singer to our family. Mr Calitz left audience members speechless after his performances and many sang along with him. Almost the entire staff was a part of the Grease recreation and the audience was left in stitches laughing and the loudest cheers of the night were heard. Riebeek truly has talented and dedicated teachers.
Proud family members and friends of the Junior School learners could be seen showing their support for them and it was undeniable that everybody was enjoying themselves. Proud Mom, Belinda Wilkinson says, “It was a fantastic and vibrant performance. We could see the excitement light up on all the Juniors’ faces. It was obvious that the staff were enjoying themselves just as much! Many thanks to Mrs Woods!” No matter where you were sitting, siblings of the Juniors could be seen showing their support. Heather Wilkinson says, “I enjoyed every minute of the performance. It was clear that the girls had put in a huge amount of effort and hard work into the production. I was extremely proud and overjoyed to see my little sister, Rebecca, perform on stage. Thank you to the teachers and Mrs Woods for organising such an energetic and professional performance.”
It could be expected that many of the Juniors would be extremely nervous for the performance. This was not the case, as excitement overruled their nerves. Efua Mends-Brew says, “I wasn’t that nervous. I have had dreams about the performance and it was even better than I expected. I was so happy to see my sister and her friends in the audience.” Siblings were amazed by the talent which their sisters displayed and are extremely proud. Maame Mends-Brew, comments “I am so proud of my sister, Efua. She practised her routine over and over and she along with all the Grade 6s looked beautiful on stage. She even taught me a few moves!”
On the whole, it was a fantastic evening filled with much joy and laughter. Special thanks is to be given to the Junior School, teachers involved and especially to Mrs Woods. Although this is Mrs Woods’ last year at Riebeek, the legacy that she leaves with us will live on forever and we will be eternally grateful for all that she has done for us, and for Riebeek, she will be sorely missed.

 June 21, 2016
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Jessica Schoeman

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