Hockey Festival

BY Jessica Schoeman

 Cheers of joy when a goal was scored, words of encouragement flying through the air from family members and delicious treats from the tuckshop. All these can mean only one thing… The Annual Riebeek College Hockey Festival. 

Held from 8am to 2pm, with the schools Muir College, Union High, Collegiate, Sunridge, Sonop and Claredon, Strelitzia in attendance. With supporters participating in much cheering and activities such as a jumping castle, face painting, an ice-cream cart and a tuckshop selling mouth-watering treats, it was difficult not to find something to do. Music was played throughout the day, thanks to Twizza,  while parents, learners and guests could be seen relaxing in the shade. Mrs T. Woods says, “It was a fabulous day filled with delicious food, fun and brilliant hockey.” There was an atmosphere of fun and everybody was enjoying themselves. Heather Wilkinson, from the First Aid Committee, comments: “Everybody was full of team spirit and had tons of energy creating positive vibes. The food was amazing! There were hardly any injuries.” 

Throughout the day, the Media Club took photos and the Interact Committee ran the face painting station. First Aid ensured that everybody was safe and well cared for in case of injury. 

The players all played like true professionals and put their hearts and souls into their matches. Rebecca Wilkinson comments on what it was like to play with the U/10A team: “It was exciting and tiring, but a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the matches that I played.” At every one of the matches, supportive parents stood on the side-lines of the fields cheering and shouting words of encouragement to their children. Belinda Wilkinson, very proud mother of Rebecca Wilkinson says, “It was a fantastic experience. The girls all played their hearts out and I am extremely proud of Rebecca. The Festival was brilliantly organised. Many thanks to the School for a wonderful day.” Not only were the matches exciting, but there was also knowledge and experience gained. Libby Klassen says “I enjoyed the day very much, and I also learnt a lot from watching how the other players played in their matches.” 

 Some of rhe results of the matches were as follows:

U/10A drew against Sunridge 1-1, won against Sonop 3-2 and lost against Claredon 0-4.

U/11B lost against Collegiate 0-7, lost against Claredon 0-3 and drew against Sunridge 0-0. 

U/14A Senior won 5-0 against Strelitzia, lost 0-1 against Muir and won against Union High 6-0.

The junior U/14A scores are as follows:

Riebeek VS Muir - Draw 1-1

Riebeek VS Sunridge Draw 0-0

Riebeek VS Union High Lost 0-4

Not all results are available here but these were just some of the highlights. We are so thankful to all the sponsors who contributed towards making our hockey festival a great success and contributing to the atmosphere of the day.

On the whole, it was the perfect way to spend a Saturday and was enjoyed by many. Special thanks is to be given to Miss Panayiotou and Mrs T. Woods, all the teachers as well as to Kristen Leach and Riley van Heerden of the Class of 2015 for umpiring and Mateenah Langford andCameron Jaftha in Grade 10 for umpiring. A special thanks to family member and spouses who helped keep our tuck-shop fully stocked with delicious bacon & egg rolls, boerewors rolls and toasted sandwiches. 


 April 18, 2016
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Jessica Schoeman

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