Cupcake day

BY Heather Wilkinson

The First Aid committee, under the guidance of Mrs Shelver, was proud to host their first ever cake sale in the form of the much anticipated Cupcake Day on the 24th February 2017.
We are extremely grateful for the overwhelming support from all the girls and their parents which took the form of cupcake donations and for the help of both the club and committee members with ensuring the cake sale commenced smoothly. We are also grateful to Mrs Gerber for marketing Cupcake Day on the Facebook page and Jessica Schoeman for designing the beautiful poster.
The senior school greeted Cupcake Day with a hungry excitement and thankfully there was a plentiful display of cupcake donations to satisfy the girls’ sweet tooth. The cupcakes overflowed from the six large tables needed to hold the delicious treats and the cupcakes needed to be sold at both breaks in order to clear out the abundant stock.
The First Aid committee intend to use the funds raised to replenish and replace much of the stock and equipment in order to prepare for the upcoming hockey season.

 February 24, 2017
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Heather Wilkinson

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