stay awake summer salsa

BY Heather Wilkinson

The annual junior school Stay Awake was held on 23rd February 2017 with the exciting theme of Summer Salsa. The event was accompanied by an almost palpable, electrifying atmosphere which continued throughout the evening as the girls enjoyed their 11 hour festival of fun. 
The evening began with arts and crafts and a surprise visit from Mrs Woods. The girls could hardly contain their excitement at the appearance of their previous principal. The performance of the various groups rehearsed dances then followed. The groups had practiced their dances for three weeks prior to performing on the stage for their appreciative peers. The dancing spirit continued after the performances as the girls energetically joined in with sing-alongs and dances, led by the Grade 7s. At mid-night everyone indulged in their various snacks which provided them with just enough energy to complete the treasure hunt around the school. During the treasure hunt they searched for various hidden riddles and attempted to answer them in time. Once they returned from the tiring expedition they delighted in dressing up their Grade 7 leaders in Hawaiian clothing. The Grade 7s then modelled their new outfits for the cheering crowds. Icing, jelly tots and Marie biscuits were everywhere as the girls enjoyed their next activity; making their shipwreck cookies. They delighted in the delicious sweet taste and allowed their creativity to flow as they created many different shipwreck designs. As the sun began to rise, everyone partook in an early morning stroll around the school while enjoying the sunrise and scenery before cleaning up and packing away their items, ready to go home.
The sleepy-eyed girls finally sauntered out of the hall towards their waiting parents. They left the Summer Salsa Stay Awake feeling very tired, but with many happy and unforgettable memories.

 February 24, 2017
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Heather Wilkinson

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