The enchanted forest matric farewell

BY Heather Wilkinson

On Friday the 22 July, Riebeek College hosted the 2016 Matric Farewell. It was a truly unforgettable evening filled with fun, laughter and amazing music.
This year’s chosen theme by the Dance Committee, under the guidance and mentorship of Mrs Bean, was an Enchanted Forest. A beautiful forest archway, crystal centre pieces, greenery decorating every corner and fairy lights adorning and bringing the whole magical evening alive, it was truly an enchanting night.
There was the utmost attention to detail in the planning and executing of this momentous occasion. No diamante or name place was out of place. Each aspect of the matric farewell was carefully chosen and perfected to produce an elegant evening worthy of our stunning Matrics.
The evening started with tangible excitement in the air. As the Matric ladies arrived one by one all eyes were on them and their breath-taking dresses. There were squeals of excitement as friends were united and applause from on lookers as the ladies arrived one by one. Some were greeted by Mrs Gerber’s flashing camera through the forest trees as they walked down the foyer entrance, followed by a photoshoot by Mr Weideman. Mrs Woods and the teachers looked proudly on as each Matric lady arrived, smiles brightening their faces.  
Each couple was announced and entered the dazzling hall. The Prefects opened the dance floor with the first waltz and thereafter the Riebeek ladies descended. There is no disputing that these ladies know how to work the dance floor. Not even the enormous heels and inflexible dresses could stop the girls from dropping it low and strutting their stuff. From Baby Tjoklits to N’gud, no matter the music, there was no pause in the movement on the dance floor.  Another highlight was the headgirl and deputy requested Mrs Woods dance at her last matric dance and first Mr Jonas, then the rest of the staff and then the matrics joining in to the Grease medley played.
The ladies themselves had the following remarks: Shaye Jones comments, “Wonderful night! Fantastic pudding, great music and beautiful waitresses.” Ma-asha De Long, “Best night ever with amazing friends.” Mihlali Gana,”Thee best night of my life.”
Special thanks must be given to Mrs Woods for allowing the event to take place. To Mrs Bean and the Dance Committee for their involvement in organising the event and their tireless and sustained hard work and dedication. To Miss Potgieter and Mrs Kruger for their constant help and support. To our behind the scenes helpers: Mrs Wilkinson, Mrs Campbell, Mrs Tee and Mrs Van Rensburg, who worked tirelessly till early in the morning. To Mrs Gerber and Mr Weideman for their photography skills.
Dance committee member Loren Campbell comments, “It was amazing to experience the behind the scenes process of organising the event. It allowed me to fully appreciate the magic of the evening.”
Overall, it was definitely a night to remember with unforgettable memories.

 July 24, 2016
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Heather Wilkinson

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