senior inter-house hockey

BY Heather Wilkinson

The senior Inter-house hockey matches were held on the 28th September 2016. These hockey matches were enthusiastically supported by all the senior students and each player was determined to make their team and their house proud.
The first match was between Elton and Eleanor. It was a tense game and the players were determined to score. At the end of the first half of this nail-biting match the players collapsed on the side-lines and attempted to soothe their aching muscles with ice and water. Siviwe Tole had sustained an injury and was in much pain, however, she did not let her injury stop her from playing the second half of the match, nor did it prevent her from playing the next game. She was assisted by the First Aiders and once she had gathered herself she ran back onto the field with more determination than before saying, “I want to play for my team.” In the end Shanice Pieterson scored the winning goal for Elton and was celebrated with a raucous cheer from the energised crowd.
The following match was between Eleanor and Elizabeth. Elizabeth dominated possession of the ball for the first half of the game and kept Eleanor on their toes. On the side-lines the crowd showed their support with continuous singing and dancing, cheering the players on and encouraging them. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as the hockey sticks clashed and players furiously tried to score. In the end Eleanor was victorious, winning by one point scored by Ashlynne Arnolds. Ashlynne comments on the match by saying, “It was tiring, but at the end it was worth it because Eleanor won the match.”
Elton and Elizabeth played the final match. Whitney Goliath from Elton surprised the crowd by scoring a goal within 20 seconds of the match beginning and taking Elizabeth off guard with such a speedy goal. Elizabeth played with unwavering determination to try and score but in the end Elton were the winners of the match. The players lay down where they were on the field once the match ended, physically drained after such a long, exciting match.
The senior inter-house hockey was an amazing experience filled with excitement, determination and team-spirit. The First Aiders ensured all injuries were quickly attended to and are proud to report there were only three minor injuries during the course of the matches. Thank you to photographer Kristin Hunt, First Aiders and umpires Mrs Kruger and Mrs Potgieter.

 October 01, 2016
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Heather Wilkinson

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