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BY Heather Wilkinson

The senior netball day was held on the 29th September 2016. The games were played on two courts and each grade played fiercely throughout the day in an attempt to reach the final round and become the overall netball champions.
The players started their day by applying their unique war paint to distinguish them and their fellow classmates from the opposing forces. The players emerged from their classes complete with pandas, tutus and face paint. They descended upon the battle ground, excitement gripped in the icy air and energy surging through their veins. The players were briefed on the rules of battle and then proceeded to their individual battle grounds. Their enthusiastic classmates joined their chosen champions and showed their support from the side-lines by played music, cheering, displaying signs and waving pom poms.
The first round of netball matches saw the 8C1 team play against the 8R team. They started the day with a bang and played with determination. Their classmates cheered from the side-lines, waving banners and cheering on their “nasty 8C’s”. This energetic match ended with the 8C’s winning 11 points to 8. Lisakhanya Daniels and Anda Mbola commented on their win by saying, “We wouldn’t have won without the nasty 8C’s cheering skills.”
The following game between the 8C2 team and 8G team saw a guest appearance from Mrs Gunter, who played goal keeper. The presence of their Life Science teacher delighted the crowd and only added to the energy and volume of their cheering. In the end the 8C2 team surged to victory with 8 points to 5 against the 8G’s.
The 9R’s proceeded to beat the 9C’s 3 points to 1 in a tense and competitive game. This was followed by an astounding game between the 9G team and 10R team. The music pounded and vibrated through the players, the cheers rang loud and clear, this all added to the player’s energies and helped boost them to an incredible win of 10 points to the 9G team and 2 points to the 10R team.
The 10C1 team also played an unbelievable game, keeping constant possession of the ball and making the 10G team work particularly hard to keep up with their excellent, strategic movements. In the end the 10C1 team were the winners with 7 points to 10G’s 3 points.
The following game between the 10C2 team and 11R team was even more gripping than the previous game. The 11R team was a well-oiled machine, the players knowing each other’s moves before the opposing team had a chance to blink. Their comrades cheering their champions on with their personalised version of Gangnam Style from the side-lines “Eeeeey sexy Thimna! Hob Hob Hobwangwana”. The game was a fast-paced flurry of action which caused Lumka Matutu to slip and land in a split, however, she confidently resumed playing and stated, “I rocked that split.” At the end of this intense game the 11R team emerged victorious with 7 points to nothing against the 10C2 team. The 11R supporters stormed the arena and landed in a dog pile, laughing with triumph. The 11C team then played against the 11G team which ended with the 11C’s winning with 4 points to1.
In the quarter finals the 11R’s continued with their amazing energy and determination. Lunathi Mpama elegantly and effortlessly scored point after point with her signature spin of the ball before she scored. Thimna Hobongwana showed that she deserved her personalized Gangnam Style cheer by effortlessly assisting her team mates in keeping possession of the ball. Lelona Myira and Ondela Nkumanda also displayed professional Netball skills and the fire in their eyes only further proved their determination to help send their team to the final.
Their fiery determination resulted in the 11R team moving to the semi-finals and eventually being crowned the overall netball champions in a nail-biting finish. Their supporters were ecstatic and their cheers echoed for all to hear.
The senior netball day was an unforgettable day filled with fun, laughter, team-spirit and excitement. Memories were made, friendships were strengthened and cakes were shared. These are truly days we will always remember in many years to come. All the girls played with resilience, determination and ardour.
Throughout all these tense games the First Aiders experienced one of their busiest First Aiding days this year and successfully assisted many girls with injuries ranging from heatstroke to girls who were sent to hospital for x-rays. We wish them all a speedy recovery. A special thank you to Mrs Shelver, who is always an invaluable help, for her guidance and to the First Aiders on duty: Natalie Petzer, Emma Rwodzi, Heather Wilkinson, Siposethu Hini and Alyssa-Jane Maritz. The First Aiders must be commended on their calm, professional manner in dealing with such a vast array of injuries throughout the day with no break time.
Thank you to the Media committee who, under the guidance of Mrs Gerber and Jessica Schoeman, captured stunning, action photos of this event for everybody to enjoy. Thank you to all the teachers who umpired, played and organised this fantastic event.

 October 01, 2016
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Heather Wilkinson

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