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BY Heads of Societies, Megan van der Merwe and Omhle Bissett

By Shakhira Cornelius

Band creates an environment where you can express yourself through the instrument you play . Although we are free spirited , we are still driven hard by ambition and try to achieve our goals by performing wherever and whenever we can. We try to have as much fun as possible while doing the best we can and try to create a friendly environment through our performances .


By Chulumanco Mayi
The Choir is an ensemble of approximately 80 Choristers and our Conductor, Miss Mintoor, whom are binded together by sweet choral music. It's a sanctuary for the song birds whom find refuge in the diverse sound of angelic voices sung as one in choral music. The Choir is split into four groups,; thus being the First and Second
Sopranos and Altos, respectively. It partakes in many festivals and national completions such as the ATKV, George Choir Festival; having left all audiences astonished, and a well deserved top of the range award many a time. Choristers who've shown great commitment and consistency stand a chance to be a part of the Choir Committee ,and could be chosen as either Head or Deputy of the society by the choir. It's indeed prestigious to be titled such as it shapes one's name within the Institution in a positive light. As it's not a walk in the park to teach numerous songs to a humongous group of girls, Choristers have the individual responsibility to be attentive and cooperative at all times during rehearsals in order to meet the end goal. For entry and enquiries, auditions are held and
handled by Miss Mintoor. The Choir affords one many travelling opportunities, exposure to diverse choral music sung by other choirs; but more importantly, establishes a home away from home for fellow choristers because Music
is the universal language whereby man is able to share common ground with one another.

Computer club
By Sarah Werth
The computer lab, is a place where any Riebeek girl can use the computers to,print things and use the internet for any school projects.The computer lab is open from 14:00 - 15:00 after school, from Mondays to Thursdays and at Second breaks from Monday to Thursday. 

Cultural Board
By Sinovuyo Madlavu
The Cultural Board is known as the “Crème de la crème” of the school cultural sphere. This is the committee that oversees all cultural and service events that take place at the school. The Cultural Board either runs of helps and almost every major event that Riebeek hosts. It is made up of the Heads of all the different societies, as well as a few selected learners who apply to serve on the Cultural Board. Being a member of the Cultural Board offers learners a unique opportunity to gain organisational, time-management and leadership skills – which are all essential for life after high school. One of Riebeek’s main goals is to sculpt well-rounded young ladies and being a part of the Cultural Board, in any capacity, does exactly that. 
Dance committee
By Busiswe Setlai
The Dance Committee is the school's social events planning committee. Orgainising the three main events on the school's social calendar for the year . These events are The Valentine's Dance , Miss Riebeek and The Matric Farewell . With a committee of thirteen girls , this year , a lot of thinking and brainstorming has taken place within the committee . Both the Valentines dance and the Matric Farwell has been a huge success.
Drama Club
By Pumelela kwanini
The first drama rehearsal for 2018 was quite something. The girls showed great enthusiasm and brought along a positive attitude. We were given a chance to introduce ourselves as the drama cast and committee members, and also share something about ourselves. Ms Meyers gave us a brief explanation of what drama is all about and what will be expected from all of us. The production for 2018 will be titled: “Mzansi Youth, Let hope arise.” With about  40 girls part of our cast, it will most definitely be a success. We are all extremely excited and ready to put in all the hard work that will make the 2018 drama production a success .
Evolutio Club
By Valentina Longari
Evolutio is a society dedicated to the arts, literature, poetry, singing, dancing and painting. It is masterfully looked after by Mrs Peltason and consists of learners with an unyielding passion for any form of art. The head of Evolutio is Valentina Longari and the deputy head is Taryn Barry. Evolutio’s main event is their annual showcase in which people talented in all forms of art are invited to come and portray it. This event is always well attended and themed. Other events include attending Shakespeare in the Park, visiting the art gallery in Port Elizabeth and planning and hosting short story and poetry competitions.
First aid club
By Natalie Petzer
The first aid committee has not stumbled across any challenges that we could not overcome. We worked well together at the annual team building. Although we didn't come first this time , we had a whole lot of fun getting to know each other’s strengths, weaknesses and abilities. First aid is not only about involving yourself with others but also putting the  needs of others before your own. The first aid committee is both well trained and organized. They are eagerly ready to help others and even save lives. We take our responsibilities very seriously and we are eager for the year to come.
Going Green
By Amy Schambril 
The Going Green club is full of ladies that are all passionate about saving the environment. Animals, plants and recycling words in the going green vocabulary. Making a big difference in our world can be accomplished by doing small things that all add up to one major impact. The Going Green club strives to raise awareness of environmental issues currently affecting the earth such as the impact of plastic straws on ecosystems such as the ocean. Their goal then is to encourage the Riebeek ladies to take action against these issues. Long term endeavors include starting their own flower garden and visiting animal rehabilitation centers. The club has taken part in activities such as growing their own "bean plant babies" which they all named,  a recyclable fashion show, and a cake sale. Going Green takes places every Wednesday from 14:00 to 15:00
Interact Club
By Octavia Johannes
The Interact club brings together young people to develop their leadership skills, while discovering the power of Service Above Self. The benefits of this committee is that we are able to take action and make a difference in our school as well as in our community. We get to discover new cultures and promote international understanding. We become a leaders in our school as well as in our community. We have fun and make new  friends with other pupils at other schools.
Interact is certainly a very eventful committee. We have an annual workers hampers collection, that is handed to our grounds and kitchen staff. Last year we’ve introduced 2 new projects. They are the “Matric School Shoe Collection” as well as “Biscuits for Christmas” in aid of charity. We have various visits to old age homes, where we brighten up their day. Interact also co-ordinates an Easter egg collection for Oosterland Children’s Home. Another collection we have is our Winter Box Collection during which, essential items are distributed to underprivileged children. We also continue to raise awareness and funds for Polio with our Polio Project. Interact has recently also started volunteer work at Bayworld. This has become out newest annual planned excursion. In addition to these activities, we have regular litter clean-ups around the school and multiple civvies days and cake sales for fundraising.
Interact Board works closely with Interact Club, trying our best to get them involved whenever we can. We invite the club members to take part in our cake sales and some of our excursions , hoping to maintain their interest and involvement in the committee’s activities.
Without the girls who have been a dedicated embodiment of our motto, “ Service Above Self" these events wouldn’t be able to be the success they are. We always carry the attitude of an Interacted wherever we go so that we can continue to make a difference.

By Ahlumile Mali
As the Library committee we consist of eight library prefects and seven monitors. The prefects are in charge of issuing and returning books on the computer. Monitors are in charge of shelving the books in their alphabetical order. For the library to function productively, general rules need to be followed. There's no eating, drinking or talking in the library. Learners are to be seated if they're not looking for a book. Learners are not allowed to issue more than two books at time. The library is a place where learners can do their research on different topics. It's also a social space where you can meet new friends. With the variety of wonderful books available, learners can expand their vocabularies. We've had a great start to the year and can't wait to see what lies ahead. With the spirit of Ubuntu, feel free to donate a book and join us for our old books sale later on in the year!
Media Club
By Malakhiwe Hoffman
Media Club is an exciting and educational society where members are given numerous opportunities to develop and improve their skills in photography and journalism. Members are encouraged to take photographs at school events or freelance during break times or civvies and cake sale days and capture the spirit and enthusiasm of Riebeek girls. Media Club also gets to enjoy well organised workshops hosted by Mrs Gerber and the Media Committee. The workshops are held in Mrs Gerber's classroom straight after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and are open to all girls to enjoy. The workshops provide a friendly environment for the girls to make mistakes, learn from them and equip themselves with useful skills and techniques. Old Girls are invited from time to time to be guest speakers at these workshops and they always speak about fun and amazing topics. For an example, media got to learn about to use their five senses to write poetry from Olwethu Mxoli. Media Club also learnt about journalism from Ma-aasha Ismail, and the film industry from Loren Buchner. The Media Committee gets to work closely with Mrs Gerber and have the opportunity to learn about important media aspects of the school. Such as setting up and updating the school's social media which is Facebook, Instagram, the D6, the website, the YouTube channel and the annual school magazine. Committee members are also able to cover media for school events, writing articles and taking photographs. They are also able to help Mrs Gerber with the co-ordination of the society and school formal photographs that appear in the school magazine. Committee members are in charge of updating the D6 board put out in the school foyer with highlights of school events and the weekly newsletter e-mailed to parents every Wednesday for girls, parents and visitors to look at. As a committee member, one is given a platform to showcase their skills by organising workshops, creating power points, writing event articles and taking photographs at school as media crew. Committee members, Club members and all girls are encouraged to excel in journalism and photography as a floating Oscar Award is awarded to a learner who has shown excellence and skill. It is a great privilege to serve in Media Club and as a committee member. I would like to thank Mrs Gerber for being an amazing mentor and grooming the girls. Her eager-to-teach spirit has influenced the girls to build good reputations and set high standards I'm their work and ethics.
Phly Thread Committee
By Lara Naidoo

Phylthread is a committee that aims to prevent bullying in our school and to stand up for those who are being bullied. We as a committee promote empathy, love and acceptance for all Riebeek College ladies. We have a Get together, where we all get together to talk about everyday problems that we as girls often face and try to give the best advice to each other. The Phlythread committee is there to make our school environment a happy and enjoyable one.

Quiz Club
By Romesa Muhammad

Quiz strives for excellence and always manages to teaches us something new. Quiz is a place of continuous learning and growth. We learn something new every day and Quiz is no different as it helps us to expand our knowledge.  We get to learn about our current affairs and even what happened a long time ago in the past. In Quiz questions are asked in their own categories where each learner can answer the questions in the category that they know most about. Quiz also teaches learners to work together as a team as they answer questions in their houses.
The Quiz categories are as follows: Current Affairs, Sports, History, Arts and Entertainment, People and Places, Science and Technology and Wild Card. Quiz aims to spread the love for knowledge within each learner in a number of ways. After all, knowledge is Power!

SCA Club
By Gabrielle Ownhouse

The SCA – Student Christian Association is a group of young individual learners who have a passion for Jesus and spreading the gospel. We strive to connect people to people, and people to Jesus. We do this by creating a space for teens and tweens to connect with one another in a safe environment where they can encounter God. SCA holds weekly sessions in the Student Centre where we fellowship, have fun and learn more about God’s Word. Sessions for Grade 8-12 are held on a Thursday at first break in the Student Centre. Our SU team also holds sessions for Grade 4-7 on every second Wednesday in the Student Centre at second break. Our theme for the year is #TheRealMe which corresponds well with our main verse which is Timothy 4:12-“Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but be an example for the believers in your speech, your conduct, your love, faith, and purity.”

Lara Naidoo
The SPCA is a committee that raises awareness against cruelty towards animals. We raise funds throughout the year which we hand over to the SPCA at the end of the year. To raise funds, we have numerous cake sales and a civvies day which is usually well supported. The SPCA committee has an annual SPCA visit where we hand over large amounts of dog and cat food and play with lonely dogs to get their tails wagging again.

 April 15, 2018
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