Junior Hockey Tour

BY Erinn Kettledas & Wade-Lee Muller

On the 14 March, the junior U/14A hockey team set out on tour to Knysna.  All the girls were given a raw egg to name and take care of.  The girls took this very seriously.  On the way to Knysna, we stopped at the Big Tree. The tree is huge and is 1000 years old. At our attempt to circle the tree, we failed because it was too wide for us to get around. 


For the duration of our tour we stayed at the Monks Holiday Park.  When we arrived, we had a picnic and shortly after that our first task was to come up with a team warcry.  We then had a swim, where Miss Panayiotou taught us how to play a game called,

‘sharky sharky.’  This fun fun while it lasted. Thereafter, we got ready for our match against Montessori Primary.  We felt smart in our new match tops. The match was tough but at least we were able to draw our match: 1-1.  Well done to our goal scorer: Iviwe Majweta.


After our tough match we went to Spur for supper, which of course we were all excited about.  We headed back to the resort after dinner where we sat around the bonfire and eating marshmallows. We also learnt a new card game called: ‘spoons.’  It was fun to see the girls grabbing at spoons in order to win as well as non stop giggles.  Rummikub on the other hand required a lot of thinking and strategy but it was loads of fun.  Getting into bed was all we needed after a fun-filled day.


Tuesday morning, after breakfast, we went of a ferry ride to the Knysna Heads.  The captin also explained some history about Knysna which was very educational and interesting.  Luckily most of us were listening as when we got back to the resort, Miss Panayiotou put us into teams and quizzed us.  We enjoyed our packed lunch at the Knysna Waterfront where we could then go on a walkabout, bought some ice-cream and bonded.


Soon it was time for our second match against Knysna Primary.  We drew our second game as well: 0-0. Back at the resort we went swimming, played some games at the pool and thereafter we all had to fetch our dear eggs for more fun and games.  We were put into teams and had to play toss with our eggs.  This was nerve wrecking as we really tried to look after our eggs.  Unfortunately, many eggs ‘died’ during this task.  Never Burness, Sarah Mc Farlane and Roshaan May were the only 3 to return their eggs back home safely. 


It was then time for dinner.  Dinner was rather cool.  We each got the opportunity to learn some braai skills as we braai’d our own meat with Miss Panayiotou and Mrs Stear assisting us.  We felt like a little family eating our dinner at one long table outside.


The next morning we ate our Spur Breakfasts and were on our way to Monkeyland.  This was the highlight of our trip.  We saw so many different types of monkeys and our adrenaline got going as we walked through the forest dogging monkeys everywhere.  The funniest part was when a monkey snatched Mrs Stear’s glasses and ran up the tree with them.  This was both scary and exciting, but at least the guides were able to get the glasses back.  The long journey home was a tiring and sad one.  This was an experience that none of us would forget.  Thank you to Miss Panayiotou and Mrs Stear for taking us on this awesome experience. 


 April 07, 2016
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