Mini Fun Gala 2019

BY Dayna Dennis, Lana Peters and Rebecca Wilkinson

Leading up to the Mini Fun Gala of 7th March, there was an enthusiastic vibe and all-round excitement throughout the junior school. The grade 7s, led by house captains Rebecca Wilkinson, Leya Bosman and Gabriella Hardman, got their dances ready for the inter-house dance competition and the grade 4s were positively abuzz at the thought of their first gala. Suffice to say, everyone was ready!
The day was perfectly sunny, and the girls were decked out in their house shirts, sun block and costumes. The pool was beckoning, and the grade 7 tuckshop had everyone salivating, it was a day for the history books!
It was not a competitive day but rather an opportunity for the girls to show off their Riebeek Spirit. However, there were three events which the girls took very seriously. The inter-house dance, the Ashes Race and the Teachers vs Leaners race. Elizabeth had the best moves and won the dance off. Eleanor came second and Elton, with great cheer, brought up the rear. The Riebeek Ashes Race was highly contested, but the girls beat out the Muir boys by a few crucial seconds. Mr Jonas, Mr De Beer and Mr Patel sadly lost the race against the girls who were lightning in the water.
The Balloon Race, which was said to be the most challenging, and the Dive for Bugs were crowd favourites and had everyone on their feet cheering. Overall, the day was amazing and enjoyable. All the girls agreed they had a wonderful time and that they would never forget it.
The junior school would like to thank the parents who assisted and those who came to support. They would also like to thank the teachers, Mr Reynolds and his team, Miss Van der Westhuizen for the music, and especial thank you to Miss Hattingh for organising the whole day.

 March 10, 2019
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