SU camp 2019

BY Chwayita Hanabe

On 12 April, SCA held its annual SU Camp and as usual, it was a great success! The girls arrived on the Friday wearing their camp t-shirts and ready for the weekend. The camp started from 12 April till 14 April. Sadly, this was also the first time that Muir did not join us.
The worship sessions, drama and guest speakers were the highlights for all those that attended the camp. The leaders looked forward to the motivational talks at morning devotions. “It has really replenished us with the energy we needed for the long day that was ahead of us.” said Alexandra Dennis  (a leader).
The girls played a game called Find the Princesses and The Kweens (led by Monique Balie) came in first place. Each group had to come up with a war cry and present it. In juniors, The Powerpoop’s (led by Avery Kayster), won and in the seniors, the Cowgirls, led by Justine Matthys, won. “I really enjoyed getting to know the children.” said Avery Kayster (a leader).
The drama team, led by Alexandra Dennis, put on a show for the girls. “It is the best drama production ever. Princess Kal was so funny,” said Sibabalwe Daniels (grade 6).
The bonfire was a great way to spend the last night at the camp. The catering team provided the girls with hot chocolate and a snack. Everyone had lots of fun dancing and singing around the fire. “SU Camp was a great success and it would not have been possible without the staff, leaders and the work crew,” said Jaime Kayser (head of SCA).
“SU camp was an unforgettable experience! It was a mixture of fun, love and laughter. I have made amazing friendships in this short period of time that will last a lifetime,” these were just a few words spoken by Wade-Lee Muller (leader) while talking about SU camp 2019.
We would also like to thank Ms S. Du Preez, Mr D. De Beer and Ms C. van der Westhuizen for organising this camp.

 April 22, 2019
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Chwayita Hanabe

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