A Very Water-ful day 

BY Chwayita Hanabe & Candice Rossouw 

“There is such a great atmosphere!” exclaimed Miss De Beer. These words sum up what the experience at the gala was like. On 12th of March, Riebeek College held their annual Senior Gala where the learners took part in the swimming races and supported enthusiastically. 
The afternoon was electrifying and learners were in high spirits as the houses were all competing for the prestigious Spirit Cup. The gala started off with the famous inter-house matric dance battle. Elizabeth was dressed as sailors, Elton wore white tutus and green bandanas and Eleanor was dressed as Hip Hop and Gqom artists in the theme of minions. Everyone played a role in the choreography of their house’s dance. The competition was tough as all the houses presented their dances beautifully, but in the end Elizabeth won.
The gala had many races in which the girls were excited to participate. Keely-Ann Maritz, Cameron Jackson, Jordan Oldham and Jade Rudman swam for Riebeek in the Ashes race against Muir. Both teams were head to head to finish first, and we are proud to announce that Riebeek won. The last race was the Grade 12 relay which was won by Eleanor, special mention must be made of Miss De Beer for participating in the race for Eleanor! Sarah Bagley (Elton), Keely Ann Maritz (Elizabeth) and Megan Mac Gorman (Eleanor) swam many races and won lots of points for their houses. 
Although the competition between Elizabeth and Eleanor was tight, Elizabeth won the gala overall with 567 points. Eleanor came second with 561 points and Elton came third with 492 points. The Spirit Cup was won by Eleanor for their contagious spirit. Not only did the cheerleaders of each house bring the energy and enthusiasm but the Grade 11s of each house did too.
The gala was successful and many girls enjoyed the experience. Although, some girls were extremely exhausted, they refused to let the lively and cheerful atmosphere of the gala die down! Thank you to Mrs Stark for organising this “water-full” event.

 March 27, 2019
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