Our SPCA Club visits the Uitenhage SPCA

BY Chiara Rossi

On 31st March 2015, Mrs Skeates and Mr Reynold accompanied Riebeek girls to the SPCA to deliver food to feed all the homeless animals. It was our duty as Riebeek girls to march in and save the day of our furry friends.  Our journey began with everyone hopping into the combi, and making our way down to the SPCA to deliver food that many of the Riebeek girls had collected throughout the term for the SPCA after an unfortunate incident, where most of the animals food had been burnt leaving the SPCA in dire need. On our way to the SPCA, Mrs Skeates had informed us to not let her go home with a new pet.

Shortly after our arrival, our first mission was to unpack all the food from the vehicle and stack them neatly on the floor. Once we completed this we made our way to the cages to meet our furry friends.  We were welcomed by bright eyed furry faces looking up at us causing us all to have an “aww”moment.  The first trip was to all the small dogs, where we met a playful jack russel who was so excited he wouldn’t stop jumping up and down. Another thing we all won’t forget is all the puppies with their big adorable eyes, they kept tripping over each other out of excitement.  Everyone had fun playing with all the small dogs. After that everyone moved to the bigger pens which held the bigger dogs, who were just as excited to see us. Who knew that by just visiting all these dogs would bring them so much happiness?  The next trip was to all the cats. There were so many different cats in the pens and they were all so adorable, especially all the kittens. The one thing we all won’t forget is how the cats purred at we played with them. We all had a great time bonding with our feline friends.

The visit to the SPCA was wonderful time and everyone enjoyed seeing all the animal, and with no doubt everyone left with a little piece of them wishing they could take all the animals home with them. There were so many adorable animals, looking at them in the pens broke all of our hearts seeing all those animals in their small pens, the way they all got so excited to see us brought smiles to all our face. The trip to the SPCA brought us to the realization that all these animals were in great need of homes. Carla Ferreia commented on the trip: “The trip was amazing! We enjoyed our time so much with the animals because they were all just so friendly and loving and they were craving that little bit of attention we gave them. It was also a great honour to help the SPCA with their food collection. A worthy cause we are grateful to support”.

Thank you to all the girls who had visited the SPCA, and a special thanks to Mr Reynolds who drove everyone, Mrs Skeates who was greatly involved in the collection and organising of the trip to the SPCA, and thank you to Mrs Woods who allowed all this to be possible.

We hope this article will encourage everyone to join or contribute to the SPCA to help the animals and see the change that you can make. 

 April 12, 2015
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Chiara Rossi

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