Matric celebration

BY Casey Els

“Sometimes a short walk down memory lane is all it takes to appreciate where you are today.” The Matrics have certainly realized the accuracy of this statement whilst celebrating the annual 40 Days on 8 August. This year’s theme was “A trip down memory lane” and showed that the Grade 12s were still able to climb into their favourite childhood characters. Barney, Winnie the Pooh, Snow White and many other interesting costumes were worn in spirit of the theme. The ladies were given a break from their academic responsibilities to celebrate their 40 Days in the Student Centre. The decorations of old photographs of the matrics, cloud cut outs and doors embraced the theme of opening the doors to a trip down memory lane in the clouds. It was clear that the final countdown of school days left had made the matrics eager to reminisce of past memories and create as many memories in the short amount of time they had left.
The excitement started building during register when all the matrics worked together to help one another get dressed into their costumes; make-up brushes, hairbrushes and shoes being passed around was a common sight. This is a perfect example of the unity and sisterhood that is formed at Riebeek amongst learners. The first order of business was taking the perfect pictures because after all these would be memories to treasure in the future. The Grade 12s had arranged for a colourful jumping castle to be set up for the day. The matrics channelled their inner child as there where competitions of who could jump the highest and playing notorious junior school hand games. The girls then sat in groups and conversed about their favourite memory at Riebeek College whilst enjoying their snacks and cupcakes. Many stories about Mrs Ferreira’s famous fudge, the invisible ball and Science Mafia games were shared. The ladies then did what comes naturally to all Riebeek girls – Dance. Anesipho Malinga, Siphosethu Malinga (affectionately known as the Malinga Twins) and Genelleen Govender did not disappoint on the dance floor. The playlist was a mixture of old nostalgic songs with the inclusion of modern music. With the start of second break the matrics decided to share their happiness with the rest of the school by having a dance party just outside the Student Centre for a few minutes. Amee Exford, who dressed up as Cher from Clueless, said: “It was a blissful day. I am proud to be a part of an institutions that gives us the opportunity to celebrate this milestone whilst making valuable memories which will be treasured forever.”
A special mention must be made of Zeenat Lukie, Casey Els, Amy Schambril and Tara Wood who helped organise the decorations, cupcakes and jumping castle. The matrics would like to use this as a platform to sincerely thank Mrs Stear, Mrs Snyman and their teachers for granting them with this opportunity to celebrate their 40 Days. A special thanks also goes to Mrs Gerber for capturing beautiful moments on the camera that the matrics can look back on in the future. The matrics all agreed that this special day was a highlight in their school career. It was certainly pleasant to take a trip down memory lane for a while before having to solely focus on their future.

 August 13, 2019
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