matric farewell - a thousand lights

BY Casey Els

The Matric Farewell was attended by the breathtaking matric ladies of Riebeek College accompanied by their striking partners. Mrs Stear, matric staff, Mr and Mrs Lukie and Mrs Hoffman also attended the annual event. The ladies truly embraced this year's theme which was 'A night of a thousand lights' as their beauty shone brighter than the star filled evening.
The class of 2019 made Riebeek history as they were the first matrics who had the privilege of celebrating the Matric Dance at a new and more modern location called Arabest. Tamia Smith said: "Change is not easy however the new venue was a breath of fresh air. We're so used to the farewell being at our second home and being taken to a new venue was like a step outside our comfort zones and allowed us to enjoy ourselves in a totally different environment. The service was very professional."
As nervous and exhilarated matrics took their seats at the beautifully decorated tables, Mrs Stear welcomed the guests and proposed a toast to the gorgeous ladies of Riebeek College. The Head Girl, Zeenat Lukie, proceeded to give a heart warming speech about the growth of the matric ladies from tiny seedlings into confident and beautiful flowers. Zeenat highlighted that: "A rose can never be a sunflower and a sunflower can never be a rose. All flowers are beautiful in their own way and that's like women too". This embraced the Riebeek theme of encouraging diversity and standing together as women.
After enjoying a divine three course meal the girls did what comes naturally to all Riebeek girls — dancing and singing. The Malinga twins, who are known for their vibrant dance moves, stole the dance floor with their creativity and enthusiasm. A special mention must be made of Miss Meyers, Mr de Beer, Mrs Ferreira and Mrs du Plessis and her husband Dr du Plessis who taught the younger generation a few dance moves. The night was a huge success with thrilling sing alongs to ABBA and Ariane Grande.
The evening was truly a magical night. Thank you to the Dance Committee for their time and effort and the outstanding photographers who made the girls feel like true celebrities — Mrs Gerber, Miss Muller and Mr Bean. The Riebeek ladies heartliy thank all the teachers especially, Mrs Bean, Mrs Stear, Mrs Stroebel and Mrs Kruger for exceeding their expectations of the evening. The matrics are blessed to be at an institution which provides them with the opportunity to celebrate this milestone in their high school career and welcome themselves into society. A silver bracelet was given to each matric as a gift, to remind the ladies of this spectacular event.

 March 27, 2019
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Casey Els

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