uplifting club assembly

BY Casey Els

“Adventure is out there so go and find it.” You can find multiple cultural adventures at Riebeek College that will allow you to climb up the cultural ladder. The annual Club Assembly was held on, 2 August, this is used as a platform to introduce the adventurous 2019/2020 committee’s. This year’s theme was inspired by the popular Disney movie, UP. The girls were encouraged not to be like Carl who had no memories to look back on but instead be as adventurous as Russel by taking part in school activities. 
The assembly started off on an uplifting note. The Cultural Board took the girls on a time warp into the future where wild and crazy adventure of taking part in all aspects of school life is a common thing. Interact stepped up and offered to be the gang that can take you up, up and away into the clouds. A special mention must be made of Alexandra Dennis who lifted up the spirts of many people with her flamboyant facial expressions and dance moves on the stage. The assembly certainly taught the girls that it is better to go on many cultural adventures so that one will have many memories in the future, instead of sitting by a fireplace in 2089 yearning for adventure and fun.
Behind every adventure there is a teacher guiding and supporting every step the girls at Riebeek take. The teachers of Riebeek continuously remind the ladies that the sky is the limit. It was only fitting to use this platform as an opportunity to thank the teachers for their hard work. The teachers were presented with a cake as a token of appreciation for their endless dedication and commitment. Unfortunately all adventures come to an end. A sombre mood filled the air as it came time to bid farewell to the matrics who served in cultural, leadership and service roles. The matrics have made many memories that will be treasured for a life time. These young ladies have been equipped with the skills to take on new and daunting adventures in the upcoming years. 
A sincere gratitude must be extended to Mrs Gerber for being part of the coordination team, Malakhiwe Hoffman and the technical team and the matrics who played a large role during the Club Assembly practise. We would like to encourage you to become more involved in the following year. Keep moving upwards and enjoy the journey. You will be rewarded with valuable memories, new friends and essential skills and values. Adventure is calling you.

 August 02, 2019
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Casey Els

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