hockey festival 2017

BY Carleen Braun

Riebeek College’s junior hockey festival is truly one to remember with 45 matches being played! All our junior hockey teams took part in this buzzing event. This event turned the Riebeek sports fields into a hub of excitement. Many of Riebeek’s staff, learners and friends had attended to watch the thrilling matches played.
Family and friends of Riebeek College enjoyed themselves to the fullest. We received many compliments about the event.
Iviwe Majweta said, “The food has been divine!”
Olwethu Dlutu said,” It’s been awesome and chilled! I loved the food, music and the matches”
Cameron Jafta said, “Its good seeing all my friends and playing the sport I love!”
Claire van Rensburg “It’s been a fun morning. The atmosphere is great.”
Taybah Teladia “A bubbly atmosphere; great start to the day”
First Aid “Good morning, exciting and no injuries so far!”
Liqhawe Nogampula “It’s been awesome, I’ve had a lot of fun.”
Carris George “It’s been fantastic, because there is lots of stuff to do.”
Kate-Lynn Forbes “It’s fun because you get to learn from the other teams’ mistakes”
Our competitive Riebeek ladies played against many teams such as, Summerwood, Claredon, Sunridge, Sonop, Collegiate, Muir and Parsons Hill. With good sportsmanship Riebeek lost, drew and won. A huge thank you to our professional and experienced umpires for making sure our matches were played fairly. Special thanks to two special Riebeek girls who umpired: Tammy Japtha and Octavia Johannes. Mrs T. Woods said: “They were fantastic they blew all our games, warmed up or teams and encouraged them throughout the games.”
A tremendous thank you to Mrs Stear (Principal of Riebeek College) for allowing this amazing event to take place, all the organisers, teachers, pupils and clubs involved in making this event a success. Thank you to family and friends of Riebeek College for attending and supporting the teams as well as the event. A special thanks to the moms and dads who stepped in to help and to Mrs C. Chrysostomou and Mrs T. Woods (and their families) who organised the event. Thank you to the Cultural Board for manning the Kids Zone and Jumping Castle and the moms of Cultural Board members who stepped in to help. Thank you to Mrs Shelver and the First Aid Committee for their duty and the Media Club for the results board and photographs.
Special thanks to:
Octavia Johannes. Tammy Jaftha and Nicole Schroeder for umpiring.
Mr & Mrs Bezuidenhot, Mr Woods and Mr Chrysostomou for helping make the food.
Too all the staff and their family members who helped make the festival one huge success.
A sincere thank you to our sponsors:
A sincere thank you to our sponsors of Hockey Festival 2017:
KFC (goodie bags, vouchers). Spyros Quick Spar (groceries).Just Water (discounts, hampers). Clover (juices, hamper). Nuliad Eggs(eggs). Pick n Pay Penford (voucher). Umleys (hockey badges). It's a Gift (hockey stickers). Konica Minolta, VWSA, Motorvia (monetary donations). JC fruit juices. Specsavers Uitenhage (water bottles). 123ABC Jumping Castles and water slides. Unilever (shower gels). RNA distributors (magazines). Henties Juices. Olè/Heartland (ice-creams and hamper). Action Sports Summerstrand (goodies, vouchers). Tiger Brands (bacon). Algoa Plant Hire (vehicle loan). Spur Red Rock (ice). Twizza (discounted prices, trailer loan). Kroscut (rolls). Bambi Snack Bar (discounted prices). Deluxe Butchery (sausage sponsorship). Sprintpak (bags). Coke (hydration station,Powerade)
Mini Hockey
Sonop vs Claredon 0-0                                  
Riebeek B vs Sunridge 2-0
Claredon vs Parsons Hill 6-0                       
Sonop vs Riebeek A 1-0
U/11 Riebeek A vs Sunridge 0-0
U/11 Summerwood vs Collegiate 0-0
U/11 Muir vs Riebeek A 0-1
Mini Hockey: Sunridge vs Parsons Hill 8-0
Mini Hockey: Riebeek A vs Claredon 0-6
Collegiate vs Claredon 0-0
Riebeek B vs Summerwood 0-0
Claredon vs Sunridge 0-0
Muir vs Collegiate 0-0
Summerwood vs Riebeek A 1-0
Claredon vs Muir 2-0
Mini Hockey:
Sonop vs Sunridge 1-2
Parsons Hill vs Riebeek A 0-4
Riebeek B vs Sonop 1-2
Sunridge vs Claredon
Parsons Hill vs Sonop
Claredon vs Riebeek B 0-6
Sunridge vs Riebeek A 0-0
Parsons Hill vs Riebeek B
Riebeek B vs Sunridge 2-0
Riebeek A vs Collegiate 0-0
Claredon vs Summerwood 0-0
Muir vs Sunridge 0-1
Sunridge vs Summerwood 0-0
Claredon vs Riebeek A 0-0
Summerwood vs Muir  0-0
Collegiate vs Sunridge 1-1
Summerwood vs. Parsons Hill 2-0
Riebeek vs. Muir 1-0
Summerwood vs Sunridge 1-0
Parsons Hill vs. Riebeek B 0-1
Summerwood vs. Riebeek 0-0
Sunridge vs. Muir 0-0
Parsons Hill vs Riebeek 0-3
Summerwood vs Riebeek B 2-0
Sunridge vs Riebeek 0-0
Muir vs Parsons Hill 2-0
Riebeek B vs Sunridge 0-3
Muir vs Summerwood 0-1
Parsons Hill vs Sunridge 0-7

 May 07, 2017
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Carleen Braun

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