Technical Training Workshop 2020

BY Candice Rossouw

The technical training workshop held on 28 January was planned by the Cultural Boatd and hosted by the Computer Club. The aim of the workshop was to familiarise Riebeek learners with the technical aspect of school such as dealing with sound equipment for assemblies and making sure that all of the technical aspects are synchronized to work.
The workshop kicked off with a welcome by Mrs Gerber with some thanks extended and some important reminders, then Sitha Kondile, a Computer Club committee member, followed with a welcome and Cultural Board member, Kwakho Bissett, set out the do's and dont's of working with the school's technical equipment. This proved to be helpful in giving learners insight into what can be expected when working with technical equipment and treating it with absolute care.
Thereafter, the learners were divided into groups and taken to 3 different stations. These stations were namely the sound equipment, the projector room and the cables. Zaraa Issacs, the Compter Club head, along with Mr Jonas explained the logistics of working with the sound equipment. The learners were given a behind-the-scenes look into how everything is controlled from the sound area. This proved to be informative as one often does not realise the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making events an all-round success.
The cable station was up next. Here, Naseehah Dolley and Sitha Kondile taught each learner how to coil cables. Everyone was given a chance to try it out. Although it seemed difficult at the beginning, everyone kept trying until they got it right. This activity not only taught us how to coil cables, but also taught us how to keep trying until we got something right and not to give up immediately.
Finally, the learners were taken to the projector room, where Joanne Miller, Computer Club committee member, explained what takes place in the projector room. The projector room was where the magic happened! Here, visuals for the projector was controlled and although stepping into a room filled technical equipment seemed intimidating, as Joanne began explaining the purpose of the equipment in the projector, it began to feel more like a great learning experience.
In conclusion, the technical training workshop was a great success and was an informative learning experience for everyone present. A huge thanks goes to Mr Jonas, Mr Calitz, Mrs Gerber and the Computer Club and Cultural Board for arranging this wonderful workshop. Special mention has to be made of the commendable hard work of the Computer Club and for giving the learners an opportunity to learn from them and savor this learning experience.

 January 31, 2020
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Candice Rossouw

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