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BY Candice Rossouw

The Riebeek College Open Day was held on 16 August as a way of exposing girls from various schools to Riebeek life. Open Day was an initiative created for the purpose of exposing others to what Riebeek is like and how tightly-knit our Riebeek family is. As the girls entered the school, they were greeted by the exuberant Riebeek Bee mascots, Achumile Daniels and Tara-Leigh Nel. The 2019/2020 Senior prefects and the 2019 Junior prefects welcomed the girls and their parents.
The Junior Open Day began with the Junior teachers welcoming the girls and their parents. Mrs Mukamuri, the Grade 4 Head, addressed the parents and learners about life at Riebeek.The parents were then supplied with a booklet regarding additional information about Riebeek. Mrs Viljoen, the Head of Department, thanked the parents and learners for attending Open Day. Open Day for the Junior school was especially exhilarating because we welcomed girls who would start their long-lasting school career at Riebeek.
The Junior learners of 2020 were given a tour around the school by the prefects whilst the parents were free to query Mrs Mukamuri and Mrs Viljoen. The prefects were excited and bursting with pride to show the girls around the school so that they could get their first taste of Riebeek life. When asked what she thought about Open Day, the 2019 Riebeek College Head Girl, Zeenat Lukie, said, "It is a great opportunity for girls to meet and interact with each other therefore the first day at Riebeek will be less overwhelming."
The Senior Open Day began with the Grade 8 Head, Miss Meyers, welcoming the Senior learners of 2020 from various schools. The girls and their parents were shown a slideshow displaying the tight-knit Riebeek family and Riebeek's excellence. They were also supplied with a booklet regarding information about Riebeek. Miss Meyers addressed the girls and spoke to them about what they could expect when coming to Riebeek. Miss Meyers also informed the girls about the importance of participating in the cultural aspect of school life such as extramurals and the diverse clubs at Riebeek.
Mrs Stear addressed the attendees about Riebeek and its excellence in various arenas. Mrs Stear is excited to see the girls flourish here at Riebeek and make the most of their time here. Everyone was entertained with a dance performance by the zealous Grade 9 volunteers and then motivated the girls to dance along with them.
The girls were given a tour around the school by the 2019/2020 Senior prefects whilst the parents were free to query Miss Meyers for additional information. The girls were also given a small treat before they left, as a small token of appreciation.
Open Day was a great success and we could not have asked for more! We would like to thank Mrs Stear; Miss Meyers; Mrs Mukamuri; Mrs Viljoen; Casey Els for her valuable input; the Riebeek Bee mascots; the Senior and Junior prefects; the teachers in attendance; the girls and their parents for attending the event.

 September 05, 2019
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Candice Rossouw

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