Club Induction Party: A Wild West adventure

BY Candice Rossouw, Amy Schrambril and Kiara Brink

"As cowgirls we ride together" This message was evident in the unity displayed among the girls at the annual Club Induction Party held on 19 July 2019 where the new committees are announced after two weeks of voter education drives, voting, collating of votes and intense planning. The Club Induction was met with much enthusiasm and emotion as it was  memorable, especially for the matrics of the Cultural Board. The theme was “The Wild West,” and the clubs left no stone unturned in perfecting their decor and costumes. 
This year we deviated from using tables and chairs and instead used wooden pallets, unfolded trestle tables or the floor to create a unique picnic style theme. The groups used cushions and blankets and each head was assigned a colour to incorporate into their tables' decor.  The teacher's table, hall and foyer's decorations all deserve a tip of the cowboy hat as it was beautiful decorated with cowboy cut outs, cacti, bandanas, wagons, corn, peanuts. There was even real hay and scarecrows thanks to Jordan Oldham, Tarryn Barry and Amy Schambril.
Lisakhanya Daniels served as the master of ceremonies and did a fantastic job in keeping the crowd entertained, with her American accent as she got into character fully. She began the afternoon stating some important rules for everyone to follow. Thereafter, everyone waited with bated breath for the heads of each committee to announce the new committee members. The announcements were met with much excitement and congratulatory hugs. The outgoing heads gave fantastic and mature speeches, and ceremoniously handed over the club flag.  94 learners were announced into 151 positions.    
The country theme was kept alive with various well-known country songs being played and line dancing. The line dancing seemed quite complicated to some at the beginning, except for the Grade 11s who got a practice in before the start of the afternoon, and a few Grade 11s took charge of training the Hillbilly Girls in the steps to take. 
Each learner was charged R50 which included a meal, cooldrink and a treat. Despite the windy and rainy weather, the learners ventured to the rose garden where they were encouraged to interact with each other. The fires, braai and the aroma of the food tempted everybody’s taste buds where they were served a boerewors roll. A special mention and thanks goes to Mr Brink, Mr Bowles and Mr de Beer to being the braai masters for the day.
Amy Schrambril, the 2019 Head of Cultural Board, made a heartfelt and emotional speech. She made special mention of the encouragement and guidance of Mrs Gerber and Mrs Stark, which she is eternally grateful for. She thanked her executive board, Monique Balie as deputy and Casey Els as secretary, for making up a great team. She hands over the reins to the new Cultural Board Head, Lisakhanya Daniels. Soon after Amy’s speech, the current matrics were taken on a trip down memory lane. A slide show of photographs of the matrics throughout their years at Riebeek was displayed making the matrics reminisce about the years that flew by while the song “Always remember us this way” played. The matrics were led by Busisiwe Setlai and Sibabalwe Mene in singing Shallow embracing each other and holding hands in a performance that would make Lady Gaga herself proud.
They rounded off the tribute to them with a line dance to Cotton Eyed Joe, with the rest of the hall taking over the dance floor.
The prize for the Best Decor was awarded to three clubs namely Cultural Board, Debating and SPCA. Their tables were innovative and unique especially Cultural Board as they had the special Native American theme with feathers, candles, wooden decorations and their outfits would make Pocahontas jealous. The Best Spirit award went to the SCA  for their enthusiasm and keeping the crowd alive and engaged and the Matrics for bringing life to the dance floor . The best dressed award was presented to the Cultural Board who looked amazing in their indigenous American attire with many a Pocahontas in attendance. The Cultural Board matrics made the day memorable with their own traditions and dances during the free time.
The Leader’s Pledge was said by all the hall as in the world of clubs, one does not a badge or be on a committee to contribute and be a leader and announced as a committee member or not, there is a place for every person at Riebeek to contribute with excellence.
As the afternoon concluded, the learners stayed true to the cowboy rule of "we ride together" and helped each other clean up the hall.  It was remarkable that it was mainly matrics who stayed to clean up showing the youngsters still have some learning growth to experience.  The Wild West adventure was lively but the programme was fast paced so the behaviour during the announcement of committees was impressive. The event was a great success and a huge thank you to the Cultural Board, the Media team, Mrs Stark, Mrs Gerber, grade 8 waitresses, teachers, parents and the technical crew who supported and made this event possible.
A huge thank you to the Cultural Board, Mr Reynolds, the Kitchen staff, the Media team, Mrs Stark, Mrs Gerber, grade 8 waitresses, teachers, parents and  technical crew: Malakhiwe Hoffman, Zaraa Isaacs, Liyabona Mgushelo, Sitha Kondile, Yonela Cakhwebe, Naseehah Dolley, Joanne Miller, and photographers Tara Wood, Sara Gopal. Micarala Tee, Hasti Pansuriya, and Club Induction portfolio heads, Caitlin Peters and Kiara Brink who worked hard to make this event successful. Mrs Stark worked on the logistics, finances and planning while Kiara drew up countless checklists and Amy Schambril oversaw all the arrangements.  Much time was spent on drawing up a tight programme and schedule with videos and powerpoints prepared in advance so that technical practices could take place.  Casey Els worked hard to ensure all badges would be correctly handed out and that no errors would occur.  The teachers supported us whole heartedly and it was awesome to have the interns and student teachers to stay right to the end to help us wrap up the event with cleaning and organising.  It is also important to thank the unsung heroes like Liyabona who spent  the afternoon in the lighting room managing the visuals and the sound girls who calmly handled the sound feedback and saved the day!
Congratulations to the new committees. Our appreciation is extended to the outgoing committees and heads who served with pride and due diligence. 

 July 21, 2019
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