Grade 10 peace and quiet

BY By Nuraan Kasmed

I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say the Grade 10 outing was an adventurous and memorable experience that can never be forgotten . One of the learners, Amy Schambril, said: " I would love to experience it again, as it was an unforgettable experience spent with unforgettable people."

Our trip to the beach was a good start to a tiring and amazing day. Our first stop was the beach , which is one of the most beautiful places produced by nature. We explored the ocean and discovered many new and fascinating organisms, including an octopus. We had moments of silence where we could reflect what the teachers had said and learn new things, like when we did mindfulness exercises and narrative essay brainstorming. During the moments of silence , we heard the soothing sound of the waves and were lucky enough to see a pod of dolphins pass by. The grade was complimented for their impeccable behaviour .After a very enjoyable time at the beach , the Grade 10s then headed off to the Donkin Reserve to learn more about inclusive heritage, the love story of Elizabeth and Rufane, the reclaimed land, and the area as a reserve. On our arrival at the Donkin, we had a deserving picnic while listening to Mrs Gerber who increased our knowledge by informing us about the history of Port Elizabeth and the Donkin Reserve. When we were done, we marvelled at the monuments and some of the 67 items of artwork recognising 67 years spent by Nelson Mandela in the struggle for freedom. A few Grade 10 learners even felt adventurous and had a go at the steps that lead up to the top of the lighthouse. Although it was an exhausting climb, it was definitely humorous and worth it. We also did a #tenbeautifulthoughts exercise where we were tasked with finding out 10 amazing things about a person whose name we received and then got to make that person's day by giving her a compliments list about her personality and character.
A special thanks to Mrs Hickson who shared her last outing with us, and a huge thank you to Mrs Gerber, Mr Weidemann, Mrs Myburg, Miss du Preez and Miss Botha. Thank you for making it a memorable outing and for accompanying us. The Grade 10s have learnt many things, not only about the history of our city but also about forming bonds with each other.
 March 28, 2017
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2017 continued
By Nuraan Kasmed

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