grade 10 outing 2018

BY By Azraa Rockman and Romesa Muhammad

The Grade 10 Outing of 26th March was truly one to remember. Bringing Life Sciences, English and our History class outdoors was what made the experience fun and it was definitely a unique way of drawing our attention to the sea life. We used words to describe our feelings and the scenery to relax our minds. As a grade, we also learnt about the South African heritage that we often find ourselves taking for granted.
On arrival we started off with a Life Sciences task given to us by Miss de Beer and Miss du Preez where we had to identify different types of sea life. Although getting our feet wet was a bit of a hassle for some of us, we all cooperated and showed exactly how well we can work together as a team which was much appreciated by our teachers. As a way of winding down from our activities Mrs Gerber assisted us on a mindfulness exercise where we were given the opportunity to take in the beautiful blue depths that surrounded us. The litter clean up that followed gave us the opportunity to give back to the community and allowed us to add to the spirit of Ubuntu. We were also given the opportunity to describe our experiences of our morning on the beach through a creative writing task, allowing us to take our English class outdoors. “Drowning in the heat of the boiling sun but the contact between your feet and the fading waves soothe your body and relax your soul,” wrote Anabo Thompson describing her thoughts perfectly. Here is what Alexandra Dennis had to say: “The sun-kissed, jagged masterpiece is playing tug of war with the waves. I love not knowing when the next one will crash. I find the uncertainty relaxing.”
Everyone seemed very keen to start the picnic at the Donkin Reserve. Here we were given time to unwind for a bit and relax before getting into the History section of our outing. At the reserve, Mrs Gerber shared with us the sad love story of Sir Rufane Donkin and the pyramid he had built for his late wife, which touched many of us. We were also given a chance to look at some inclusive heritage and were given a broader understanding of exactly what the heritage meant to the community at present and even those before the current inhabitants of Port Elizabeth. The trip up the lighthouse was exciting and, in the most sense, terrifying for some of us. However, most of us proved brave to make it all the way to the top and catch a mere glimpse of what the area looked like from such a great height. “It was really crazy to see how small everything actually is from up there. And to think that we’d look that small to someone else!” said Robyn Minnaar. Hereafter, we shared what we thought about our fellow Grade 10s in our #TenBeautifulThoughts exercise where we were be given a name at random and had to write down the ten most beautiful things we found about them. This exercise allowed us to walk home feeling content, as we were able to share the good that we thought about others as well as look at what others found beautiful about our own personalities.
As they say, “all good things must come to an end”, we reluctantly accepted it. After a very busy day of scavenging for sea life, reflecting on what we felt, as well as climbing what could only be a million and one flights of steps at the lighthouse, we made our way home feeling exhausted but only with the feeling of accomplishment. We could all agree that our outing was the perfect way to end off our term and we would not have wanted it any other way. The outing would not have been made possible without Mrs Gerber, Mr Weideman, Miss de Beer, Miss du Preez and Mrs Myburg and we would truly like to thank them for constantly keeping an eye out for us throughout the day. Lastly, thank you to the Grade 10 class of 2018 for making this outing one that will remain a memory to be cherished forever.

 April 02, 2018
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