lockdown inspiration from our head girl

BY Azraa Rockman

An encouraging, precious message from our Head Girl:
My fellow Riebeek Warriors
I really do hope that you are all doing well. I must admit that today was quite an experience for me, so I am curious to know how you all are coping.
We are well aware that today would have been the beginning of our second term for 2020, and to be quite honest, I do not think I could have possibly done any more mental preparation to help me through this day alone. Now, it could be the cabin fever kicking in, but not even a day for “Netflix and Chill” seemed as enticing as my longing to simply wait out a whole seven hours before the 2 `o clock bell would cue our freedom. Suddenly, I found myself imagining what class discussions we would have in between lessons, leading to me acting out a full-blown dialogue I would have had with my friends under normal circumstances. (Again, this could just be me going crazy.) This aside, however, I am sure all of us may share the feeling that something is “missing” and that we can do nothing more than wait out this period of isolation for the weeks to come. However, I am sure we all know that, if anything, this waiting period should be our cue to pick up where we left off last term and gear up for the road ahead.
It is quite easy to feel discouraged. Surely, as humans, we are entitled to feelings of disheartenment. What with the loads of fake news reaching us, we are bound to feel a whole lot of emotions. Panic may tend to lace our waking thoughts, while some of us may have to force ourselves to swallow down our frustration. I must assure you that, given the circumstances we are faced with, these feelings are all normal. But instead of granting these feelings the power to consume us, let us rather try our best to focus on steering ourselves away from the trap that we call “giving up”. After all, no one got anywhere through leaving things undone.
Matrics, we know this time is exceptionally difficult for us. It is okay to feel overwhelmed, as long as you allow yourself to find some form of light to assist you on the way out of this darkness. Let us strive to help one another, to build each other up instead of leaving one another to fight this alone. More than anything, let us remind ourselves that we will surely regret it tomorrow if we do not do our best today. I believe in all of you!
I would love to extend a hearty thank you to our amazing teachers and parents for their guidance and for being more than willing to give their time to overcome this ordeal with us. I can confidently say that we will all make an effort to work to our fullest capacity with your efforts in mind.
I hope to see you all soon and in high spirits for the road ahead of us. Remember, it isn’t over until you have given up. So put on your best amour keep fighting until the end.
You’ve got this, Queens!
Keep shining!

 April 03, 2020
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Azraa Rockman

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