cultural civvies day 2019

BY Azraa Rockman

It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences. Audre Lorde
This year’s Cultural Civvies Day was unforgettablee. With Lisakhanya Maseti as Chief Executive of the day, we were able to see everyone in their dissimilar cultures, while embracing the rich diversity of the different cultures around the world. 
Members of the Cultural Board were assigned to different entrances at the beginning of the school day to hand sweets out to all learners who had dressed up in their stunning attires. It was very interesting to see how some girls had gone out of their way to dress up in someone else’s culture instead of their own, while embracing that culture to the fullest. Yonela Qoqo in Grade 11 was definitely one of the many who stood out with her decision to wear an Indian saree with beautiful glitter details. What made her stand out is that, besides looking absolutely stunning in her outfit, she had spent the whole day inquiring about the Indian culture, and had made an attempt at practicing the traditional Indian dances when she had the chance. Others who stood out immensely were Sinesipo Gadu in her traditional Xhosa attire, Thaakirah Dolley in a traditional Korean hanbok and Kyla Harvey in her Catholic nun outfit. 
Lisakhanya Maseti was extremely happy to see how the efforts she’d put into the day had paid off. She said, “Knowing that everyone made such a great effort in a day that I have organised brings me immense joy.” She went on by saying that she was extremely happy to have been given the opportunity of putting such an important event on the Cultural Calendar together. 
Each junior received a certificate and sweet in class to commend them on their involvement. 
The civvies day was complemented by a cultural assembly organised by Miss Meyers and presented by the Grade 8s as their grade assembly. Proverbs from around the world were read out and we enjoyed watching an Indian dance and Zulu dance. 
Thank you to the prefects of Cultural Board for helping to advertise the day during register periods, to Mrs Stark, who organised a budget for the day and to Amy Schambril for purchasing the gifts and sweets that everyone enjoyed. Lastly, thank you to all who participated in dressing up for this year’s Cultural Civvies Day. The day was truly made exciting because of the vibrancy and enthusiasm displayed through each individual. We hope to see even more show-stopping outfits at our next Cultural Civvies Day and that we continue to embrace each other’s cultures in the best way possible.

 April 27, 2019
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Azraa Rockman

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