SPCA Writing competition 3rd Prize - love wins all

BY Angelique Tee

Angelique Tee won 3rd prize in The Rescue Love Story Competition in aid of Uitenhage & District SPCA.
Her "Love Wins All" story about Bruno, Rox and Miss Grogy had them in fits of laughter and it proves that love does truly win all.
"Stupid dogs" mumbled Miss Grogy, my next door neighbour and the Uitenhage's local 'witch'. She's a ghastly lady with loving dogs she definitely doesn't deserve. It's so unfair, me, an animal-loving girl who is not blessed with even one dog. Yet this woman, who could probably be Satan's sister, has two.
I don't blame my parents for not getting a dog, I mean the expenses of food, clothes and school is as costly already, but all I ask for is a companion to share little adventures with. I have no siblings, so is a dog really that much to ask?
I often sneak over the fence into Miss Grogy's front lawn to rub and play with the little guys. She has a male Pit Bull named Bruno, who looks extremely underweight, and a male Sausage named Rox, who is so obese that he often has to roll to his destinations.
Every day after school I have one hour with them secretly, because soon after that Mrs Grogy comes home from her probably evil errands. The way she treats them is terrible, I can't stand it. She feeds them whenever she feels like it, sometimes too little or sometimes too much. They don't even have proper doggie beds, they're forced to sleep on the grass. Do you know what's the worst of all? She doesn't even cuddle or play with them! Truly breaks my heart.
"Don't worry, I'll supply you with love" I said while patting Bruno's head and scratching Rox's belly. "Angie, where are you?!" my mom called. I stood up and gave Bruno and Rox one last hug. As I walked the moans of my best friends grew louder. I wish I didn't have to leave them, but I had no choice. As I turned my heart stopped, only to see the droopy face of Miss Gorgy in front of me. She spoke with a squeaky voice that sounded like nails on a chalkboard, "What are you doing here?"
I was speechless. My heart raced as I ran past her into my house. "Why in such a rush dear?" asked my puzzled mom. "Just testing my endurance" I replied. "Well anyways" began my dad, "What would you like for your birthday?" Two adorable figures came to my mind, but I immediately doubted it for happening. "Nothing" I said softly. "Nothing? But-" started my dad. "I said nothing!" I interrupted and ran to my room in tears.
The next day, I longed for the school day to be over so I could go to my happy place. I needed some cuddles from Bruno and Rox urgently. Finally I rushed to Mrs Grogy's house. But no dogs were found. They are never allowed inside. Did they maybe run away?
The next day, still no dogs. As well as the day after that and the day after that.
February the 14th, Valentine's day as well as my birthday. I was at my most miserable state. Parents showered me with cake and presents, but a great big hole was left in my heart. School bell rang and I strolled back home. I opened my house door and two dogs jumped on me, causing me to tumble backwards. It was Bruno and Rox! I greeted them with huge hugs kisses. I looked perplexed at my mom and dad standing beside Miss Grogy.
"We know you've been seeing my dogs secretly" began Miss Grogy. "I noticed how happy the dogs are with you, so I negotiated with your parents and since I'm too old and impatient to take care of the dogs I though its best that you have them. "We took them for a few days to get treated and fell in love with them too." my mom said smiling. This was the best Valentines and Birthday ever. Also Miss Grogy isn't that bad after all.

 February 12, 2017
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Angelique Tee

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