God's little Warriors: SCA leaders' Camp

BY Angelique Tee

"As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend" - Proverbs 27:17
Riebeek's SCA committee set off on an adventure to  Sea View for their Team Building camp on  the 20th January. ).
The afternoon was spent on the  brain-drilling game, Mission Impossible. The game consisted of green material forming  an outline a of a square, surrounded by poles forming the outline of a rectangle. Within the rectangle was scattered red shapes.  The mission was to collect the scattered shapes and build a square within the other square using a rope and their team. The catch was that nothing could go in and nothing could come out. After a long period of ideas, attempts and bewildered thoughts, the team FINALLY accomplished what was known as The Impossible. The game taught us that we must value other people's idea and that communication amongst a team is important. After a brief period of triumph, the girls raced to the hall where they spent the rest of their time braaing, bonding and planning for the year.
Up and early the next morning initiating the newbies that had to accomplish a series of mini obstacles. With positive attitudes the newbies completed the tasks, making them feel officially part of the SCA Committee. The girls then went on a morning jogging and doing aerobics lead by camp councillors. After a delightful breakfast and a beautiful speech by Mateenah Langford, that held our spirits high, we made our way to the other side of camp, completing obstacles that took a lot of teamwork.  We charged like warriors to the obstacle. Army crawling in sand, balancing on ropes, running, racing, jumping, climbing through huge tires, with communication and teamwork, we did it all!
In the Afternoon the girls said their goodbyes and departed with happy memories and a heart ready to take on the year and spread the love of Jesus. A huge thank you to Mrs Elie, Mrs Shelver and Mateenah Langford for organising this amazing camp. With God's strength, the SCA Committee will truly accomplish a lot this year. 

 January 23, 2017
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Angelique Tee

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