The Grade 7 Social

BY Angelique and Miacarla Tee
On Friday 23 June, Riebeek and Muir held a Grade 7 social evening at Riebeek. The Grade 7s had been looking forward to this exciting and new event all week.
The 'ice' was definitely 'broken' when the Grade 7s played an ice-breaker. The boys and girls sat in rows, introducing themselves and asking a series of simple questions to the person opposite them, with a time limit. When time was up the rows would move and they would meet someone new. The girls and boys were full of laughter when, after the ice-breaker, they played a game where the girls took one shoe off and threw it in the shoe pile. After that, the boys had to select one shoe and return it to its owner.
Half-way through the social, the Grade 7s had a chance to interact and make new friends while getting something delicious to eat at the tuckshop. The social continued with the girls and boys putting their 'thinking caps' on and working together as a team to win the tricky Trivia.
The night ended with the Grade 7s using their last ounce of energy for dynamic dancing. Some of the fondest memories was when the Riebeek girls taught the Muir boys how to dance to Cotton-Eyed-Joe.
A huge thanks to Mrs Chrysostomou, Mrs Woods and the Muir Grade 7 teachers for organising this event. A special thanks to the Grade 7 mothers who were on Tuckshop duty, Mrs Stear, Mrs Snyman, Mrs Viljoen, Miss Hattingh, Mr Reynolds, the Media girls (Angelique Tee and Phelisa Kosi) and all those who helped make this event a success. The Muir teachers who attended were Mr Trennery, Mr Hawkins and . The parents who assisted were Mrs Potgieter, Mrs Minnaar, Mrs Daniels and Mrs Mbotya. Thank you too to Mr Woods and Mr Chrysostomou who assisted. These photographs compliments of Miss Samantha Cuyler (Riebeek Old Girl and Muir teacher)
 June 25, 2017
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