Creative Writing Workshop

BY Anda Mbola

Creativity is all in your senses.

The Creative Writing Workshop was led by Miss Mxoli on 30th July. It challenged the learners’ writing skills. Before the workshop started, the learners were told by Miss Mxoli to go outside and find any object. They had to them write a short piece about the object that they had found. An object that had definitely stood out was Lauren’s which was a tyre.
To challenge our writing skills even further, Miss Mxoli gave the students play dough to mould into anything they wanted. Yet again the learners had to create a short piece on what was on their minds when they moulded the dough, how the colour of the dough make them feel and what inspired them when we created their “masterpieces” using the dough. Then the unexpected happened. . . The girls were told to destroy their masterpieces. They had to again write about their feelings and thoughts on destroying something that they had just created moments ago.
To get all the learners to calm down after destroying their masterpieces, for the final piece we were told to write about something or someone or place that made us feel the most at rest. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to share our pieces due to the amount of passion we used when writing and sharing our previous creative writing pieces with the learners amongst us.
The grades: seven, eight and nine had a better perspective on how to write a piece in the senior phase and it was also great to see the Grade 10s and 11s challenged by Miss Mxoli. We also received great writing advice and tips to help us better our writing, whether it be for an essay or a poem. We learnt about “LCD” which means to Look, Compare and Describe. To conclude the workshop, Miss Mxoli ended exciting workshop perfectly— she performed her beautiful poem titled “Black.” This exquisite poem left all the students in awe as Miss Mxoli used senses in her poem which tied in perfectly to the theme of the creative writing workshop.

 August 02, 2019
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Anda Mbola

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