Team Building Article 2019

BY Amy Schambril

Mother nature might have brought the heat today but Riebeek sure did too! Teams from each committee showed up in delightful costumes based off the theme ‘Animal Olympics’.
With a Moo Moo there and a Moo there, the afternoon started off with a playful icebreaker where the girls all made animal sounds and had to find the rest of their group making the sounds. It is said that a chain is no stronger than its weakest link, this was put to test for the teams as they all formed a chain by holding hands and moved a hula hoop all around the chain without letting the hula hoop fall or the chain break.
The main event of soccer then took place where we saw all 16 teams score both goals and memories that will be fondly remembered by them. Amee Exford said that she thought it was really fantastic that the teams dressed up because it looked great on the field as you could clearly see the different teams, eg the Ladybirds were dressed in red and the Bees all in yellow. The teams who weren't playing were happily cheering the other teams.
Each team was scored on: the amount of members in their team, the effectiveness of their team leader, their team spirit, team outfit and on their position of the hula hoop game and goals scored in soccer. Well done to Choir and Cultural Board who were tied in first place and SCA who was second. A special mention of the excellent team spirit shown by the Drama committee and Interact Board’s cute Pig outfits.
Thank you to the Heads of Societies for arranging their team and making a big effort to look fantastic in their animal gear, to the Cultural Board for all their hard work, especially Erinn Kettledas and Old Riebeek girl Mateenah Langford for coming to help out! Sincere thank you also goes to the students teachers, Mr Zinto for being a referee and Miss Nel for helping out the teams, and to Mr Weidemann for taking photographs. A massive thank you to Mrs Gerber for all she put in into making the day a success.

 January 14, 2019
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Amy Schambril

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