Technical Training

BY Amy Reed and Sara Gopal

The technical training workshop on 28th January, hosted by Mr Calitz and the computer club, was a huge success. In the short amount of time that we had, much was learnt.
The day started off with a welcome and a short introduction. Next, we were told all the general rules when working with the school's technical equipment.
After that, we got separated into three groups and moved around to three different stations. First, we were taught all about how the sound system works and how to manage backstage. Secondly, we were very clearly shown how to work the laptop and projector during assemblies. Thirdly, we practiced how to wrap cords, which seemed like a simple task, but it was definitely quite challenging.
We became familiar with features and functions of the equipment. Words such as sound desk, input, output, bass, tops, treble were Greek to us before we started, but we were guided by the expertise of Mr Calitz.
Othandwayo Gaba said that the training was very educational and well planned out. She learnt a lot and had a lot of fun.
Thank you to everyone who attended, and an even bigger thank you goes to Mr Calitz, the Cultural Board, the Media Club and the Computer Club for a very informative and interactive afternoon. We would like to acknowledge the role of Tara Wood in the organising of the event.

 January 29, 2019
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