SCA Leadership Camp

BY Amy Higgins and Miss R. Meyers

The SCA Committee had their annual leadership camp on Friday, 26th January until Sunday, 28th January at Landela Christian Campsite near Elandsriver. The theme of the camp was discovering the real-you by seeking and finding God. Many of the leaders agree that the camp was no ordinary camp. The sessions were filled with laughter, many tears, heart-felt stories and bonding moments that the leaders will never forget.  Many lessons were learnt during the sessions, which included finding the true-you through Christ and learning to take the first step in the journey with God while trusting Him completely.
There were many trust exercises that taught the girls how to trust one another and took them from just being a committee to being a covenant of sisters. They knew that they now had the support of one another. There were also fun one-minute games that built the team spirit and was filled with encouraging cheers and true team effort.
The highlight of the weekend was when each leader had to complete various obstacle courses, which was no easy task! Their fear of heights was conquered by completing the rope bridge obstacle, which had everyone shaking on completion, but each team mate had a fellow team mate cheering them on that gave them the strength to continue.
For many of the girls the obstacle courses were a representation of their journey with God, where all that was needed was to take the first step and then trust God with every step they took thereafter.
There were many other obstacles the girls had to complete but one of the most challenging ones was the square beam obstacle. The team had to balance themselves on the beams whilst simultaneously supporting one another to ensure that no one fell off.  This was extremely difficult and each team mate had to rely on one another to keep the whole team balanced.  Many team mates gave advice on staying on the beam and it became chaotic at times, which resulted in some of the team mates losing their balance and falling off the beams. They had to learn to speak with one voice, for one goal.
We would like to thank Miss S. du Preez and Miss R. Meyers for coordinating the camp and Miss Crystal Christoffels for facilitating the camp. 


 January 29, 2018
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