Riebeek's Victorious Voices

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Riebeek College is absolutely ecstatic about the prestigious national achievement obtained by its Senior Choir. The girls' victorious voices won them a gold at the 2010 ATKV Applous Finals.
Their victory song, "2010" is truly inspirational and its vibrant tune really stirs excitement and hype, especially now that we are nearing the 2010 Soccer World Cup. We are absolutely proud of what they have achieved and would love an occasion for the girls to get exposure whilst singing their "2010"song.
One of the grade 11 Choir learners, Zoleka Mtila’s, grandfather, Mr Mbulelo Nzo, a reknowned Xhosa author and composer, especially composed this song and lyrics for Riebeek College, called, “2010”. At our annual Founder’s Day celebration, he conducted the choir himself and at the Regional competition he explained the meaning of the song to the audience.
"It is an engaging, catchy tune that celebrates South Africa as the hosting country for the world cup. It encompasses the hustle and bustle that is expected to spread throughout the country. It is a special song and is performed with great aplomb and much pride,” said Mrs Rene’ Zietsmann, Choir Coordinator. 

 June 01, 2012
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