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It gives me great pleasure to formally introduce Mrs Lynne (Thomas) Griffiths, Headgirl of the class of 1974, Head of Elizabeth House and the 1st Hockey Team Captain. 


Lynne was born in Pietermaritzburg and started her schooling at the all girls’ school, Eunice, in Bloemfontein.   She then went to Fish Hoek Primary in Std 4 (Grade 6) and finally moved to Riebeek College in Std 5 (Grade 7), where she matriculated in 1974.     She studied in Port Elizabeth and qualified as a radiographer in 1977.


She married Rodney Griffiths, an ex Muir boy practised as a pharmacist and was the brother of Marlene (Griffiths) Kosaber, our respected and long-standing matric invigilator and old Riebeek girl from my class at school.   Marlene has for many years now, been the Chief Invigilator for our matric examinations.


Sadly, Lynne lost her beloved husband in May last year when he was tragically killed in a car accident.   Lynne herself was in a coma for over two weeks and suffered horrendous injuries.   Lynne, it is a true reflection of the quality of person that you are, that you have been able to rise above your extremely sad and difficult circumstances to be able to stand proudly in front of all of us here today.   I salute your bravery and faith and know that your two daughters, Vanessa and Lianne, who are here today, are justifiably proud to have such a remarkable mother.   And, Lynne, your Alma Mater is just as proud of the woman you have become.


Lynne’s daughters have been most successful in their chosen careers. Vanessa is an architect and Leeann is a fashion designer, who I know worked for the Billabong brand at one time but at present has her own business.  Lynne has worked at the Provincial Hospital, Livingstone Hospital, Greenacres Hospital and for private practices.   She worked overseas in Portsmith in the UK at the Queen Alexander Hospital and at the John Radcliff hospital in Oxford in the UK.


Currently, Lynne is a Senior Radiographer, floor supervisor, a cpd co-ordinator, (continued education which has to be done every month so that they are kept up to date and current,), training to be a student clinical teacher, pacs champion (which is a system that captures all patient images and information) and assists with quality control of all the pictures of the xrays.  She also writes articles for continued education and gives talks for continued education.


She regularly co-ordinates a few charity drives at her work and has many hobbies which include hiking, sewing (wedding dresses, matric dresses and anything else) knitting, reading, canoeing, travelling, floral arrangements and baking.    She is certainly a woman of many talents.   She loves animals and breeds and owns boxer dogs.   I have no doubt that the SPCA influence at Riebeek had an influence in the development of this love for dogs and all animals.   Go Riebeek!!!


However, the most important facet of her life is her family.   I remember Lynne as a young Riebeek lady who was always wonderfully supported by her loving parents.   I don’t think they missed watching any of her hockey matches.   Lynne, the way you lived your life at school, and I have no doubt you have continued to do so, depicts all the Fruits of the Spirit that we at Riebeek, hold dear: Joy, Love, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Kindness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control.



 June 03, 2014
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