Hockey Festival - February 2014

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U/16 Hockey Festival

By Francesca Gottini


Our annual U/16 hockey festival was held in February. The festival took off on Friday the 21st on a bit of a windy note. However, more heated weather followed, along with more vibrancy and determination, the following day. 


Miss Potgieter, the festival co-ordinator said, “The festival was a success, especially as there were no major incidents. The Riebeek U/14 side looks promising and as for the Riebeek U/16 side, there is work to be done, but they are looking good for the upcoming season. The coaches are lovely and open people. They understand the friendliness of our festival and that it is an opportunity for them to get a look into the season with their teams and to see needs to be done.”


All feedback from the festival was good. Some comments from various people at the festival include, “The girls were very lovely and had the best manners.” (Mrs Stark) “The players were great and the support was very encouraging.” (Langelihle Kasibe, RBK U/16 inv) “I really enjoyed myself, thanks to my lovely team.” (Shanice Pieterson, RBK U/16 inv) “It was nerve wrecking and exciting!” (Phumelela Kwanini, RBK U/14) “This has been another learning curve for me, injury and all.” (Asemahle Nkume, First Aider) “Some new friendships were started right here at the festival.” (Langelihle Kasibe, RBK U/16 inv)

Results of the U/16 team for the festival include one victory and two draws. Their victory was 4-1 against Victoria Girls U/14 and their draws were against Brandwag 0-0 and Victoria Girls U/16 1-1.  


Highlights of the festival included some exceptional performances from Riebeek players. Lara Naidoo, Octavia Johannes and Tammy Jaftha from the U/14 side, Shanice Pieterson and Sanelisiwe Zitho, U/16 inv as well as, Natheera Sirkhotte, Caydin Nicolaai and Megan de Beer from the U/16 side.     


There were many people to thank, including, Miss Potgieter (Festival Co-ordinator), Mr Biljoen (U/16 Coach), Mrs Elie (U/16 inv Coach), Mr Jonas (U/14 Coach), Mylan Jonas and Danelle Klassen (assisted our teams) and all the teachers who stepped to help in any way, Mrs Stroebel, Mrs Swanepoel, Mrs du Plessis, Mrs Gunter, Mrs Gerber and Mr Hoare. Also, special thanks goes to the McFarlane, Minter, Isaac and Coetzee families. Well done to the First Aiders, Interacters, Cultural Board, Prefects and the U/18 squad.  


 June 03, 2014
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