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Farewell, Mrs Myburg
Mrs Myburg retired officially in February, and wanted no fuss about her official departure from Riebeek. She wanted it to be quiet and she wanted there to be no article in the school magazine. She is humble and unassuming so that seemed right to her. While we really love Mrs Myburg and want to honour her wishes, we simply could not help ourselves from wanting to wish her the happiest of retirements and wanting to acknowledge what an amazing contribution she made at Riebeek College since 2004 when she joined the staff. Fortunately, we won her over with our persistance and here is our tribute to a remarkable person!
As a mom to two Old Girls, Mrs Myburg was firmly entrenched in the school’s ethos and fabric. This has not ended since her departure as her son, the former Mr PE, has assisted the school with the revamping of our netball and tennis courts (sponsored by the Lotto Fund) and with the initial deep sanitisation of our school in the early phase of the pandemic.
Mrs Myburg is a breath of fresh air, a ray of sunshine and a kind, good human being. She cared deeply about the girls and the staff of Riebeek and invested much time, energy and prayer in rooting for the best for each person. She has an amazing laugh and a great sense of humour. Mrs Myburg is the greatest gift giver and it was thrilling as a staff member to look in your pigeon hole and discover a secret person (but we knew who) had left gifts for your children back home to spread some love.
Her contributions in the Afrikaans and Life Orientation Departments were to make the subjects fun and accessible for her girls. In the area of extra murals, she contributed hugely supporting the swimmers with loud encouragement from the side of the pool, managing the First Aid needs with a dynamic group of First Aiders (including our intern, Miss Klaas, when she was on the First Aid Committee), loving the Kruger Park tours with her group of happy travellers especially the train trip and new experiences, crying in empathy as Alpha Leo visited those in need, arranging guest speakers for the girls to encourage their career dreams. For Mrs Myburg, sport and clubs were not extra murals but chances to interact with the girls, make a difference, talk about anything and everything and develop the girls holistically.
The learners have fond memories of Mrs Myburg. They remember when her son would visit the classroom to bring flowers and presents for his mom. They remember when LO lessons would turn into life lessons as she gave words of wisdom and tears flowed about the issues young people face. The girls remember Mrs Myburg shedding a tear during Afrikaans orals as she would be so proud of the efforts that the learners had put in. he speak fondly of Mrs Myburg sneaking food to a learner who had secretly told her about the problems being experienced at home. Assemblies for Mrs Myburg could be traumatic as a lovely, sentimental video clip could tug at her heart and bring tears. She shed tears of joy and tears of sorrow. She also loved a good joke and a hearty, deep chat. She knew the girls in her care well and knew their challenges, their potential, their dreams and the stories that made them who they are!
You cannot help but miss Mrs Myburg because she lived and loved wholeheartedly and passionately. She was the kind of teacher who gave her all and more, the kind of teacher who wore her heart on her sleeve, the kind of teacher who would go the extra mile and slay dragons if that is what was needed. Intensely loyal and enthusiastic, Mrs Myburg is that rare breed of human being - the ones who light a path for others to follow. She will be missed and we wish her happy travels, much cuddles and hugs with her children and grandchildren and much laughter and kindness.

 November 09, 2020
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