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The sea
By Buhle Ndumo
From afar you are peaceful
and asleep.
A closer look
shows your rough anger
exploding against the rocks.
I sit on your bed of sand
relaxed and calm.
I watch you argue
And smell your breeze.
All of this relaxes me.

The sea is beautiful and deceitful
By Ababalwe Mbambani
From a distance
you look calm and peaceful
but I watch your anger beat the rocks.
Like a god you give life
and take it away
with a snap, everything dies.
You are a woman
who opens her heart to all who visit
and cares for those who live deep inside her.
You let them think that you are innocent
but beneath the shimmering surface
is deceit.

The waves
By Tiffany Cloete
The waves draw me in
they welcome me with open arms
but one wrong step could mean the end.
The seagulls make a noise
little messengers for the waves
I want to go into the water
But the sand
holds me here
The sand holds me in peace and violence.

By Asavela Sikwebu
The great blue waves subside
And slowly recede from my feet
The sun spreads rays of light
On the surface of the deep blue sea
All its creatures make their way
Out to me
And the great blue waves subside
And recede from my feet

A poem at the beach
By Kay Esau
The waves crash over each other
In a crazy flood of emotions.
First anger, then joy
And then the fear of being alone.
All crashing after each other
Ridiculous and unmanageable.
The birds are life
taking off.
The breeze, a brand new start
reviving me.
And still the water cool and ever blue
lights my heart.
by Sibabalwe September
The soft and fragile sand
gives way to my feet.
The breeze hits my skin
and the waves crash in my ears.
The sun’s rays trace my dark skin.
Seagulls, scavengers of the sky
circle the beach
while surfers enjoy the wild waves.
Below students in maroon scatter
across the sand
relaxed and relieved.
Everyone forgets their hectic schedules
and leave their worries behind.

by Bernice Donker
You, ocean, move with the wind
you who roars and pounds
take me
teach me.
Your strength and power
chisels rocks
and yet they do no move
but you are unfazed.
I walk with you in my mind.
You call me.

 The ocean
by Gillian Nell
The ocean is a treasured home
that brings life into the world
with beauty and peace
but also death.
It crashes and thumps
and shows us fear.
Like a woman
beautiful and deadly.

A little poem by the sea
by Sara Gopal
Waves crash on the shore
a sight and sound that I adore.
Gritty sand between my toes
and I forget all worldly woes.
Life is dreamy by the sea.
I love the way I feel
so free.

Ocean. My home, my grave.
by Inganathi Konono
I fear this large body of water
that hides my predators and ancestors.
That crashes against rocks to get to me
I fear this body of water that possess
a never die spirit
that retreats only to return
after its defeat.
I fear this body of water that gives me peace.
I fear the thoughts.
The wanting to be one with it.

by Chanté Potgieter
The wave builds
trying to touch the sky as the seagulls do
but only crashes.
It is still a beautiful image.
We too are waves built by inspiration
only to have hardship
pull us down
We too are waves
who can make beauty
if we make the best of our situation.

The surface
by Siyamthanda Mbanga
From the shore
everything is shallow and calm.
In the distance everything is peaceful.
But when you dive deeper
far below
a school of fish is being devoured
by a great white shark
There is blood
Panic and hysteria

by Caitlin Peters
I sit on the sand
and see the ships sail by.
I hear the waves crash
and the seagulls cry.
The beach is not quiet
but it is serene.
And I wonder what secrets
these seas could hold.

The water’s flow
by Megan Clingen
Our lives are waves and the sea.
Sometimes rough and at other times calm.
Like the currents
we do not know where life will take us
or in what direction we will go.
There are many rocks in the water
altering the water’s flow.
In our lives there are things that will try to stop us
but we must overcome and carve and break
and choose which path our current will take.
And then flow.

by Lerisha De Kock
Like water I cannot hold you
yet you have control of my life
whether I live or die.
A gentle stream, a tsunami
You are unpredictable.

On this beach
by Lerisha De Kock
I am but a grain of sand
on this beach my life is insignificant
and alone.
But when we’re together
I feel better because I am
no longer a simple grain.
I am part of a powerful force.
A dune.
The waves
by Sarah Bagley
I sit on the hot dry sand
and look at the waves
crash against each other.
I feel at home.
At the beach
all my emotions fade away
and I feel nothing
but safe.
The waves crash
like my thoughts rearrange
and I let go
of all I feel.
I open my heart
to wonderful things.
I am at home with the waves.
by Kamvelihle Mgobo
Do not assume that letting you in
means that I will not swallow you.
The heaviest showers cannot fill
my burdens
I am already strong enough
and sustain life.
I can be as calm as the lightest breeze
and flow and light up your day.
But do not assume that letting you in
means I will not swallow you.
the beach
by Kiara Brink
Dancing waves
crash and splash towards the shore
as the sea softly sings.
My heart starts to soar.
The boats in the water
bob side to side.
The sparkling ocean
leaves me starry-eyed.
I sit on the sand
it is so serene.
I want to stay here forever
peaceful and unseen.

I sense
by Kwakho Bissett
         I.            I smell
The fresh scent of the ocean
that salty sensation accidently blesses my tongue.
The stench of the once proud
soaring high monster.
I smell it all, I smell the beach.
       II.            I hear
The seagull cruises the sky.
The ocean crashes onto the blockade.
The wind worries my hair
and swiftly enters my ear.
The silence of emptiness
I hear it all.
I hear the beach.
Called by the ocean
Wade-Lee Muller
I hear the voice of a woman
overpowered by the waves.
I hear the birds chirp and people click
their pens.
The sounds continuously repeat and compete
with each other.
Each wanting to be heard.
I smell the breeze coming from the sea.
It is salt, fresh and strong.
I put my hands in the sand.
Hesitantly and then deeper and deeper.
The rough, heat-hardened sand
becomes moist and smooth.
I am alone with my thoughts.
I am at peace.
I am part of the other world.

by Mumtaaz Jacobs
Soft waves hit hard
carving pieces of themselves into everything.
Shaping the world.
The sea never screams but whispers.
It is so beautiful
even the sky bows down to kiss it.
The sea, a mirror that reflects
all of beauty
brings what’s too far to reach
It is deceitful with its beauty
housing life and destruction.

 May 07, 2019
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