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Mrs James studied at North-West University towards a Bachelors in Commerce degree. Following that she pursued an Honours Degree in Economics. The first chapter of her career started in a Graduate Programme at the National Treasury, working in the Local Government
Budget Analysis Unit for two years. In order to broaden her horizons, Mrs James worked as an Accountant in one of South Africa's eight metropolitan cities, Pretoria.
It was here that she discovered her passion and love for teaching. She followed her heart and took a leap of faith and completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and passed Cum Laude and started her second chapter, teaching Accounting and Mathematics.
In the last 6 years of teaching, Mrs. James' approach has been to:
- Encourage learners by leading as an example and setting long term and short term goals;
- Simplify the most abstract and complex fundamentals of the subject;
and assist learners to perform.
She, therefore, does not see herself as a coach or referree,rather as an active partner who aims to assist each learner to reach her individual goals. She sees herself as being there to inspire, motivate, and push for
excellence. She said that she wants her learners to know, "I will also hold your hand and hug you along the way."
It is through this philosophy that Mrs James has delivered
outstanding results over the last 6 years.
In her free time, she enjoys running after her two toddler boys, spending time with her husband, reading, photography and exploring the outdoors
She is looking forward to the third chapter in her career, teaching at Riebeek! She says, "So you say you are bad in maths...challenge accepted!"

 April 01, 2019
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