Women's day 2020

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Women's was Day commemorated at Riebeek College 0n 7 August and a moment's silence by the matrics and staff was held  to honour the victims of Gender Based Violence. Here is the speech made by our Head Girl, Azraa Rockman: As an all-girls’ school, we know exactly what our women mean to us. We understand that being a woman isn’t always easy. That’s why Riebeek College Girls’ High School would love to extend a very warm “Happy Women’s Day” to all our moms, grannies, and all of the astounding young women that have and continue to add colour to the canvas of our nation.
It is however clear that gender-based violence is a sad truth that has become a reality to some, and as President Cyril Ramaphosa has said, “Violence against women has become more than just a national crisis.” It is a frightening feeling, not knowing what the future will hold for our women, our phenomenal women who are more than capable of building the roofs above our heads and becoming the architects in the lives of our future’s children. In solidarity with Uitenhage High School (who requested that schools in the area on Friday morning stand in solidarity against GBV), we would therefore wish to make our voices heard to drown out those who wish to keep us quiet. We wish to speak out against this pandemic, this crime against humanity that is not recognised nearly enough. Let us all join in on the say against the pain of our women and make 2020 the year where we scream the loudest and make our voices heard. The girls also undertook the Jerusalema Dance Challenge.  

 August 10, 2020
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