We are Proud of Megan McAuley


Congratulations to Megan McAuley.  Her submission to the Reader's Digest 100 Word Story Competition was selected as the runner up for South Africa.  This success entitled her to a publication fee of R1000. 

Megan said of her win:

I knew about the competition because my dad is subscribed to the Readers Digest and I enjoy reading it. My story will be published in April. I am planning to save the money until I can find something I really want. I was quite surprised to hear I was a runner up in the competition. I wasn't expecting much when I entered. The rules of the competition were that you had to write a story in exactly 100 words, no more and no less. I had to send in my story by the 14th of December. My hobbies are fishing, sewing, photography and of course writing. I would like to thank my parents because they always encourage me to write even when i feel that I can't. They also motivated me to enter the competition. I hope to be an occupational therapist and to someday publish a book (though I am not sure about what).

 January 22, 2015
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