Sasol Solar Challenge


The Sasol Solar Challenge was held on 1 October 2014 at Kings Beach in Port Elizabeth.

Mr Jonas selected 10 grade 6 pupils to enter the competition.   He reports: “The girls were all exited when we built the model cars and could not wait to race them against the other Primary schools on the day.   The girls each received a certificate and T-shirt.   During the quiz many of them won calculators headphones and diaries.   We ended third in the race which Mr Jonas said was a huge achievement as many of other schools were mostly boys.   We showed them what girl-power is all about.”  

The girls had the following to say:

Tarryn Barry “I was nervous to race our Solar car so I let Romesa go in my place.   Thank you Mr Jonas for taking us; I promise you we have had an awesome experience.”

Okuhlekwethu Mjuza “I was so nervous and praying that we win.”

Robyn Minnaar “I am so happy that we got 3rd place.   It was a truly great experience.”

Romesa Muhammad “Finally our turn came and in the first round Azraa had to run after the car and we came 2nd.   In the second round I had to run after the car on the track and we came 2nd again.   In the final round we ended 3rd.  

Jessica Craill “We all enjoyed watching the entire schools race.   We also saw a big Solar racing car.”

Ganeefa Sirkhotte “I really enjoyed the Sasol Solar Challenge, especially the quiz.”

Azraa Rockman “When it was our turn to race the excitement was building within me and hoped that we would win.   I really enjoyed learning new things about solar power and how it can help us.   It will be a day that I will never forget.”

Alexandra Dennis “I won a calculator!  We had so much fun at Mc Donald’s after the race … Thank you Mr Jonas.”

Joanne Miller “We won all sorts of prizes.   It was awesome and amazing and an experience I will never forget.” 

Naomi De Booi “That day I woke up early just because I was excited to go to the challenge in PE.   Thank you Mr  Jonas for giving some of your time to take us to the Sasol Solar Challenge.”

 October 05, 2014
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