Netball Day


Netball Day for the seniors was held on 31 October.  The staff and learners agreed it was a wonderful day as there was a lot of spirit and camaraderie.  The photographs show the beauty of the day for the learners and the staff. Mrs Woods said of the event: “Ms Ntontela - you look like a professional! Thank you to you and your team for all the hard work. Well done, Smiley, Ms Ntontela and everyone else who made this fun day possible! The staff and young sporting ladies all look great! Thank you to all the girls who showed a true spirit of fun, by being part of this special netball day.”  The umpires were great and we thank them. Mrs Ferreira and the Consumer Science girls made boerewors rolls which were hugely popular. Various clubs entered teams as well as various grades and groups of friends. The winners were ..... drum roll .... the Grade 9s! The team members were Lunathi Mpama, Sesethu Sxakwe, Ayanda Ntukantu, Lelona-Xabiso Myisa, Ondela Nkumanda, Siviwe Ndodana and Busisiwe Tetani. With the hashtag #Riebeekisstheplacetobe, Busisiwe Rooibard commented, “ Had so much fun today! Thanks to everyone who made it possible.” Smiley had a full day starting with netball day setting up, then a meeting in Mrs Woods’office to plan for the Woolworths sing and dance competition complete with singing “Black President” bits to try it our, back to netball day, then in the hall conducting the junior choir, followed by more netball day organising and then rounding the day off with the clean-up, and then handing out chocolates to the umpires that she bought as a personal gesture from herself.  In spite of the demanding day, this was her comment on facebook: “Amazing Day! #happy”.  



 October 31, 2014
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