Manali Kapadia - Accounting Achiever


Manali Kapadia, a Grade 12 learner at Riebeek College, recently took part in the provincial round of the Accounting Competition in East London and was placed second.   The competition was organised by the department of education. Mr Makgoba, head office subject planner : Accounting at the Eastern Cape department of Education was in charge of the competition.  Mrs du Plessis, Accounting Teacher at Riebeek College, said: “Manali has a passion for Accounting and has made use of opportunities offered at Riebeek to improve on her presentation skills. At the competition one of her stated reasons for taking  Accounting was" the joy when a balance sheet balances". If you find joy in your work you have to be successful.”   Manali has been very busy with her matric trials and reports that all is going well.  She has participated in drama productions and become a technical whiz from her involvement in creating slideshows for various events at the school.  Manali also spoke at a leadership seminar held at the school entitled “Being Human”.  She spoke of the importance of being organised and open to new experiences.  This seminar was on the same day as the first round of the Accounting Competition and Manali raced from one successful event to the next. 


 September 11, 2014
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