Jamie-Lee Daniels wins Boland Ladies Open


Jamie-Lee Daniels, a Grade 9 at Riebeek College,  played in the Boland Ladies Open at Arabella Golf Estate (7-8 September).  She won the tournament with 3 shots ahead of second place - a round of 74.71 on a golf course with a par 72 (1 over par).  This makes Jamie-Lee the Boland Ladies Champ for 2014.  Jamie-Lee was four when she started playing golf and she fondly remembers trips to the golf course with her dad and sister.  Jamie-Lee acknowledges that success has not come easy for her as she has to practice every day for about 2 hours, regardless of the weather or the homework piling up.  “You just have to make the time and find the time to get your school work done while keeping your eye on the ball – knowing you have to put in the hours to get the results in golf.”  Jamie-Lee also participates in u16A Hockey as centre link or centre forward.  Jamie also came fourth in the EP and Border Championship at Port Alfred Golf Club on 16 and 17 August.  Jamie-Lee says that in her spare time she loves travelling or spending time with friends, but mostly she loves playing golf even in her spare time.  Principal of Riebeek College, Mrs Marilyn Woods says,  “We are all extremely proud of Jami-Lee’s wonderful success in her chosen sport of golf. What is so admirable about her, is that she continues to give of her best at school and endeavours to take part in as many of the extra-mural sporting and cultural activities on offer.   She is a true example of a Riebeek Girl of whom we are justifiably proud.   She has the ardent and  loyal support of all of the Riebeek Family! “

 September 11, 2014
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