Mrs Stear will be in China for an international principals' conference. We wish her safe travels.


Riebeek Quiz Afternoon
By Candice Rossouw
The Riebeek Quiz event was hosted on 4 October by the Quiz committee of 2020. This was a way of getting Riebeek girls together for an exhilarating afternoon of interaction and teamwork which ties in perfectly with this year's theme which is, "We all stand together".
The afternoon began with the Quiz committee welcoming the groups present. The groups have definitely gone all out when it came to decor and costumes thus representing their group's theme well. Special mention has to be made of The Princesses which consisted of Miss Hattingh and some of the matrics. The dressed to impress in their matric farewell dresses and their eloquent table decor. An ice breaker proposed by Quiz Head of 2020, Mohiba Natha, set the tone for the afternoon as it warmed the groups up for what was awaiting them.
There is nothing like great teamwork and the various groups proved that when it came to answering the varying sections of questions. There were intervals in between the sections of questions and this gave the group members the opportunity to interact with each other. Afterwards, it was back to the drawing board for the teams.
The atmosphere of the event was heart-warming and electrifying as one could witness the evident teamwork. However, it was still a competition and each group was determined to win!
At the end of the event, the winners were announced and awards were given to the winners. The award for Best Decor was won by The Princesses for their impeccable table decorations.
The overall winners of the afternoon were:
1st: Grand Slam Sporties, consisting of Amahle Ntabeni, Zenande Daniels, Carly Erasmus and Linathi Stuurman.
2nd: The Princesses, consisting of Monique Balie, Amy Schambril, Amee Exford, Casey Els and Miss Hattingh.
3rd: The Geeks, consisting of Siyanda Makalima, Iviwe Majweta, Aluve Ndlovu and Ntabiseng Jonga.
The event was a great success and we appreciate those who contributed in every way possible to this event. A huge thank you goes to the Quiz committee of 2020 for organising the event so well and for their endless hours of effort into making sure that this event was a success; Mr Bowles for assisting the committee in various aspects; the girls who assisted the committee in setting up the event; the groups who attended the event and participated so enthusiastically.


A portrait to be handed out at prize-giving was found to be awol. Meet the intrepid team appointed as detectives to solve the case of the missing portrait. They drew up an identikit, questioned individuals, followed various leads and traced the whereabouts of the portrait. That's the Riebeek spirit!


Mrs Stevens visited Riebeek.. There was great excitement!


Our U/13 junior tennis team played in a mixed doubles fixture at Muir. It was their 1st game where they competed against another school as well as playing mixed doubles with our Brother school, Muir College. Awesome performance from the girls against the experienced Charlo team.

cultivate session - term 4

Miss R. Meyers reports on the educational Cultivate Session presented by three of our very own girls that focused on the Islamic Faith. 
Fatima Mahouassa gave a brief introduction on the Islamic faith, specifically the 5 pillars of Islam. She also showed us a short informational video on the Islam faith.
Mohiba Natha spoke about some of the misconceptions, stereotypes and myths with regards to Muslims. 
Bilqees Vawda shared on her personal journey as a Muslim girl.
These aspiring girls were the coordinators of this cultivate session and shared their faith with great passion, convictions and realness. 
the aim of this session was to inform our girls grade 4 to 11 about the essence of the Islamic faith, providing leaners with a platform to ask questions freely and learn more about the Islamic faith.
As each presenter shared on their living narrative their journey of growing in their faith sharing on their challenges and aspiring to create a platform where Muslim girls can connect with one another.
Thank you to our presenters and all who attended. 


The Grade 5C class enjoyed a lovely morning at Elands Nusery. Each girl was given the opportunity to plant a rosemary plant to take home and nurture.


Grade 9 Spirit of the College - 14 October: Busy Bee certificates: Kay van Niekerk, and Aluve Ndlovu, Nthabiseng Jonga received Spirit pf the College Certificate and Siyanda Makalima and Mohiba Natha received Spirit Badges and certificates


Day of the Boss


best in the district

Best Mathematics and Business Studies marks in the district in 2018 Gr 12 NSC examinations! Thank you to our EDO, Mr Balie, for presenting the certificates today.


going green

On the 16th of October, the Going Green club hosted their first ever workshop on The Journey Of Plastic. The Going Green Head of Committee, Bilqees Vawda, educated those present on the life cycle of plastic, how to use less plastic and the impact of plastic usage on the environment. Thank you to Miss S. Du Preez for allowing the Going Green club to host the workshop, Bilqees Vawda for presenting, and all who attended the first of many fantastic Going Green workshops.


The Eastern Province Writers' Cup for Poetry is awarded to Romesa Muhammed for her body of work.


EP and SA reps


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