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BY Sinvovuyo Madlavu

The theme of confidence and beauty was exemplified by the Riebeek ladies as they walked the ramp on Wednesday night. Miss Riebeek is always a much awaited night by all and the models never disappoint. The Juniors embodied their Country theme; with check shirts, boots and cowboy hats being seen all over the stage. The Teens were challenged to fit the Rock ‘n Roll theme, and they definitely exceeded all expectations. The Seniors were unmatched in their casual Hip ‘n Hop and stunning formal wear. Lara Naidoo, Miss Riebeek 2018, said: “Winning the title Miss Riebeek 2018 was such a big moment for me and it felt incredibly amazing.  Walking the Riebeek ramp for the last time with the matric contestants was definitely a memorable one and we all felt like stars.”
Winner: Ayabulela Tom
1st Princess: Kendyhl George
2nd Princess: Casey Meintjies
Winner: Tenique Boswell
1st Princess: Sitha Tshete
2nd Princess: Shakira Malick
Winner: Lara Naidoo
1st Princess: Naqeesha Koester
2nd Princess: Hallé Rayners
Miss Personality: Octavia Johannes
We would like to thank:
Mrs Stear and the Riebeek College staff.
Gail Brown (Founder of Sophisticate Models), Kayleigh Peters (Sophisticate Model, Former Miss Riebeek and 4th year NMU student) and Ebrahim Wicks (Former Mr Eastern Cape, Model of the Year and Face of South Africa)
Fashion designer:
Cleo Allison
Hlomla Gwaxula and Monalisa Williams
Mr Weidemann,  Mrs Gerber and the Media Club
Lighting, sound and visuals:
Projector and visuals – Zaraa, Naseehah and Tarryn
Sound – Keziah, Olwethu and Vishani
Lighting – Nangamso and Natalie
Curtains – Vishani
Mr Calitz and Miss Meyers,  Dance Committee, Moyake and Booysen, Aton de Vos and Shaakirah Cornelius
A. Ngona, T. Mandla and J. Rudman
Matric escorts:
M. Goba, D. Borchjes , C. Van Heerden, M. Walsh and A. Salie
C. Tee, I. MacFarlane, Z. Salie, R. Dollie, R. Nathoo, G. Minter, K. Barnes, L. MacGorman, Mr Mandela
Constable Constable and Constable Oliphant
Miss S. Arthur
Winners of 2017:
A. Booysen, A. Toyis, M. Muller, J-L. Daniels and A. Singeni
Spyros Kwikspar
The Flower and Gift Shop

 May 13, 2018
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Sinvovuyo Madlavu

Grade 7 camp

BY Mrs T. Woods

Grade 7 Camp Article
“Collect moments not things.” This quote seems spot on when it comes to Grade 7 Camp. The anticipation and high energy levels as we got closer to the 23rd of April was evident in the classroom. The girls were so looking forward to this ‘famous’ event that they have heard about. The three most important objectives of camp were; to learn leadership skills, bond as a grade and ultimately collect moments.
The 23rd of April arrived and the girls were ready to depart for Jeffery’s Bay where UCSA Campsite hosted us and had a fun filled itinerary planned. The girls were so eager to climb onto the bus and get going they could hardly sit still for their departure photo. With loads of singing and chatter in the bus, the tone for camp was set. Finally, around 11:00am we had arrived at the venue. On arrival, the girls rushed over to their camp leader and made themselves at home. The afternoon began with some icebreakers and team building activities on the beach. The activity that stood out the most was the sand creations. The girls had to create something cool on the beach using the sand and objects around them. Jade Zeeland, Teagan Brown, Kate-Lynn Forbes and Agcobile Gqubule did not hold back and were covered in sand as they were part of the creation designing various innovative mermaids. Eventually, lunch was served and the girls became one massive family eating their delicious pasta and discussing camp.
As the day progressed, the excitement got the better of some of the girls and tiredness started kicking in but this was not going to stop anyone. The girls continued with their team building activities, games and tasks.
Supper boosted their energy levels and the girls freshened up and acting kicked in. With role-plays on the agenda next, they were ready to watch each other’s ideas and learn from each other as conflict situations was the topic.
After a long day of learning, the girls could finally relax, have hot chocolate in the hall and unwind. Lights out at 10:00pm was understood as only ‘lights out’ by the girls as several rounds were done to calm the excitement and bonding time.
After not so much rest, the girls still woke up on the 24th with enthusiasm to tackle the day. Another trip to the beach was on the program. Once they had returned from the beach, breakfast was served and it was game, set, match- volleyball time. Ultimately, there was no winning team but what was evident amongst all the girls was spirit and this was the goal.
By this time, everyone’s smiles turned upside down as it was clean up time and time to depart. The girls did a great job sorting out their rooms and getting their luggage to the bus. We were most impressed. However, we could now tell that it was an amazing and successful camp as the girls did not want to leave. As the quote goes, “Like campfires and marshmallows, we’re better together.” And this was the most important thing the girls realized that together they can learn from each other, be better people and make memories.
Thank you to Van Rensburg tours for getting us to camp safely, UCSA team for a great camp, Mrs Woods for organizing a magnificent camp and Mrs Snyman, Mrs Chrysostomou & Miss Van Der Westhuizen for accompanying them.

 April 27, 2018
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Mrs T. Woods

First Aid Course: "If life gives you lemons, you make lemon-aid."

BY Casey Els

On Friday, 20 April, a group of enthusiastic Riebeek staff and pupils took part in the annual First Aid course hosted at Riebeek College. The Riebeek staff and pupils warmly welcomed Mrs Dorfling from First Medical Response. Over the course of two days Mrs Dorfling gladly taught the staff and pupils all the procedures regarding First Aid. The pupils and staff enjoyed learning about how to approach diffrent emergency cases. They received an opportunity to practise Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on medical dolls. It was clear that Miss Hattingh was an experienced First Aider, as even Mrs Dorfling was amazed at her CPR skills.
On Saturday, 21 April, the first order of business was congratulating Miss Barnard on her Birthday. After singing Happy Birthday and receiving Easter eggs from Miss Barnard; the pupils were keen to learn more about saving lives. The eager class were taught a variety of different skills such as how to care for burn wounds and bone injuries. It was a unique experience for the pupils to study with the teachers for the upcoming test. After the test we saw how the staff tapped into their inner student by discussing test answers.
We would like to thank Mrs Dorfling for equipping us with the skills to help patients in emergencies and Miss Hattingh for arranging the course. We are sure that these qualified First Aiders will uphold the Ubuntu theme by being kind and helping people in need.

 April 27, 2018
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Casey Els

miss flourish

BY Gabrielle Ownhouse and Miss R. Meyers

Riebeek SCA in partnership with [Women of] Father's House Church had their first Miss Flourish session Thursday evening from 18:00 until 19:00 in the Sholto McIntyre Hostel. This 5 week programme will take place every Thursday hosted by Mrs Jordon Gerber, programme coordinator of Miss Flourish and her trusted team.
*What is Miss Flourish*:
- Miss Flourish is a 5 week personal development programme for high school girls that focuses on 3 main things:
1. Worth
2. Strength
3. Purpose
*What are the outcomes of Miss Flourish:*
- The aim of Miss Flourish is to help young girls identify that they are worthy of love, of being themselves and of loving out their hearts desires.
- We facilitate the process of getting girls to understand that they are strong. That they can do anything they set their hearts on. That they are capable of achieving their dreams.
- We facilitate the process of getting the ladies to a place of understanding xwhat their life purpose through discussions, practicals etc.
*Who is Miss Flourish for:*
- Miss Flourish is for all girls from the ages of 13 - 18. No matter thei background or beliefs.
What does the R100 course fee cover:
- The fee covers their journals, their weekly snacks and a fully catered high tea at the end of the 5 week course.

 April 27, 2018
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Gabrielle Ownhouse a...

the first founder's day

BY Valentina Longari

As the 30th Founder’s Day draws near, we invite you to read an extract from the article that will appear in the school magazine of 2018 reviewing our Founder’s Day ceremonies.
The History of Founder’s Day
By Valentina Longari
It is a day where past and present collide; where the new meets the old and the hallowed halls and corridors of Riebeek College experience the trod of long gone steps. It is celebrated on the first Friday of May, although the first ceremony was in May and a June date was utilised for a while. The Old Girls come together and reminisce about their schooldays, renew friendships and remember those that are here no more.
We owe the celebration of Founder’s Day to Mrs Natalie Stear, the twelfth principal of Riebeek College. It was celebrated on Friday 25th March 1988 and was masterfully organised within two months of her being at the helm of the school. The tradition of the learners receiving something sweet to celebrate the school’s birthday (much to the enjoyment of the current learners who receive doughnuts) began, while the Old Girls enjoy tea.
The Founder’s Day of 1988 was graced with guest speaker, Miss Marjorie Hill who attended Riebeek from 1916 to 1921. She graduated first in the class and her name is on the Honours Board at the school. Mrs Natalie Stear described her: “.I found yellowed sheet music of “The Riebeek March” composed in the 1890’s by Quintus James, a music teacher at the school. Mrs Betty Lynch, head of the music department, played the march while the girls assembled in the hall on Founder’s Day. My school principal at Clarendon Girl’s High was an Old Girl of Riebeek. She never married. She served in World War 2 as a captain and was stationed at Wynberg Bottery Cape. When I was at school, we were told that she taught the soldiers how to shoot. She was a brilliant Maths teacher.” Mrs Natalie Stear at the ceremony made mention of 98 year old Mrs Evans who was the oldest Old Girl present.
Mrs Hutton sent flowers for that first ceremony to be placed in the foyer. Telegrams were received from the Head Girls of Riebeek to indicate their acceptance or apologies in response to invitations sent to the them. The hymn was “All people that on earth do dwell”. The prayer was by Dominee van Niekerk representing the NG Kerk. Application had to be made to the Uitenhage School Board for permission for the 25 year reunion group to have a Cheese and Wine function in the staff room. Old Girls were asked to sign the Visitor’s Book. The Head Girl, Ingrid Lunow McFarlane (mother of Sarah in Grade 8 and Lindsay, Old Girl) appeared in a photograph in the newspaper of the platform party.

 April 27, 2018
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Valentina Longari

Cultural civvies day 2018

BY Monique Balie

“Our rich and varied cultural heritage has a
profound power to help build our nation.”
Nelson Mandela
Riebeek College Girls’ High School annually celebrates Freedom Day with  a Cultural Civvies Day.  The girls dress up in a culture of their choice.  At Riebeek, there is an ethos of tolerance and inclusion fostered by the fact that in our 141 year history the school has been known for nurturing compassion.  Riebeek was also the first Model C school to vote to open its doors to all races in 1990.  This year the theme is Ubuntu and the girls are undertaking a special tribute to Nelson Mandela with a Mandela 100@Riebeek100 acts of kindness campaign. 
On 26th April, in the spirit of Ubuntu and in celebration of Freedom Day, learners and staff dressed in a culture of their choosing. The girls and staff looked amazing in their cultural attire. The Cultural Board held a sing-a-long and fashion show in the hall at second break, where the girls got to show off their outfits.  Cultural Board chose some of the outstanding outfits and the crowd chose the winners. The junior winners were: in 1st place, Ganlin Govender dressed to represent Indian culture and in 2nd place, Apelele Mayi, dressed to represent the African culture. The senior winners were: in 1st place, Linathi Stuurman dressed to represent the Indian culture and in 2nd place, Amy Schambril, dressed to represent the Jamaican culture. One could truly feel the sense of Ubuntu throughout the whole day. Special mention of Kiara Jantjies (African), Casey Els (Indian), Katelyn Anderson (Chinese), Lithemba Ngqoamfana (Indian), Tara Wood (Mexican), and to all our teachers, who looked absolutely amazing. Other lovely outfits included Lara Naidoo , Keziah Brandt , Olwethu Dlutu , Naqeesha Koester, Mrs Stear, Phumza Mandla, Ganlin Govender, Charney Minnies, Olwethu Mahlinza, Liyasa Gitywa, Iviwe Majweta, Deenah Dollie,  Lauren Labercensie, Caslynn Sudien, Jeané Swartbooi  But, in fact, every person who dressed up looked stunning!
Thank you to Chulumanco Mayi, Nuraan Kasmed, Liqhawe Nogampula, and all Cultural Board members and Mrs Gerber who organized this event. A special thank you to all the leaners and the parents of the learners for joining us in celebrating this day.  

 April 27, 2018
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Monique Balie

SU Camp 2018 

BY Maceyla van Huyssteen and Amee Exford 

"All good things come to an end". With utter sadness, the Riebeek and Muir College SU leaders can agree to this statement. The fun and laughter are now just echoes soothing their ears and hearts. 
Astonishing. This weekend did wonders to the children, as their relationship with God has definitely been strengthened. It has been a wonderful experience for both the learners that went, as well as for the leaders. 
The weekend started with a bang, as all attending the SU Camp were so enthusiastic and excited that they couldn't hide it. Children ended up arriving and hour and a half before their actual arrival time. 
Mrs A. Elie ended the evening with a powerful message about the belt of truth, seeing that the whole weekend revolved around the armour of God, and being part of God's army. 
Saturday was a day filled with fun activities and a fully-loaded programme. Both the children and leaders got a surprise visit from Mrs S. Gerber, whom was accompanied by her two sons and their friend. She also suprised Miss R. Meyers and S. du Preez with energising treats, just what they needed to carry them through the weekend.We would like to thank Mrs S. Gerber for taking time to come and share the day with us and for taking some memorable photos. 
Learners made new friends with the children of the camp, and enjoyed the facilities the facilities such as jumping on the trampolines and playing on the obstacle course. 
Saturday was ended with a message from Mr J. Najoe that left all the children touched. All the children enjoyed hot chocolate around the bonfire after the heart-touching message. 
Sunday proved that through all the exhaustion, both the leaders and children still had some fighting spirit in them to listen to the last bit that SU Camp had to offer for them. Miss O. Gardner ended the whole camp experience with and inspirational message on how to interpret and use the armour of God in our daily lives. 
A few moments that would not be forgotten was when a leader spotted a child wandering off to the river without any supervision, and immediately started singing the song "Down by the river", in the aim of getting the child back to supervision. Words ran out to complete the song, and leader T. Barry ended it by singing "I don't know what to say further". Another unforgettable moment was when a snake slithered past leader Gabrielle Ownhouse's foot  and left Tatum Boswell running and screaming as she spotted this huge Puff Adder. The weekend was definitely full of surprises. 
The SCA and SU team of Riebeek College would like to thank all parents and guardians of the children for allowing them to attend this wonderful camp. We also thank our three guest speakers for the weekend Mrs A. Elie, Mr J. Najoe and Miss O. Gardner for sharing the word of God so powerfully. A special thanks to Miss R. Meyers, Miss S. du Preez, Mrs Evert, Ms Cuyler and Ms Viljoen, teachers from both Riebeek and Muir College for organising the SU Camp so well. 
The heads of the SCA committee would also like to thank all the leaders of Muir and Riebeek College for beingvtrue soldiers, serving God and His children with such passion and exellence. Riebeek Leaders: Jordan Oldham, Zhané Meintjes, Amila Thys, Tamia Smith, Sibabalo Mene, Amy Higgins, Jamie Kayser, Kelebogile Douse, Monique Balie, Tarryn Barry, Malakhiwe Hoffman, Mateenah Langford, Sarah Werth and Octavia Johannes (on her absence). SCA committee also thanks the work crew that assisted the whole weekend whom is Tatum Boswell, Brazil Killian, Justine Mattys and Q-Lynn Davids. 
We acknowledge the matrics whom will sadly be leaving us at the end of 2018. This being, Octavia Johannes, Mateenah Langford and Sarah Werth. Your hard work and dedication to the committee has been noticed, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 
We are looking forward to next year's SU Camp to make more, amazing memories!

 April 19, 2018
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Maceyla van Huysstee...

overview of our clubs

BY Heads of Societies, Megan van der Merwe and Omhle Bissett

By Shakhira Cornelius

Band creates an environment where you can express yourself through the instrument you play . Although we are free spirited , we are still driven hard by ambition and try to achieve our goals by performing wherever and whenever we can. We try to have as much fun as possible while doing the best we can and try to create a friendly environment through our performances .

By Chulumanco Mayi
The Choir is an ensemble of approximately 80 Choristers and our Conductor, Miss Mintoor, whom are binded together by sweet choral music. It's a sanctuary for the song birds whom find refuge in the diverse sound of angelic voices sung as one in choral music. The Choir is split into four groups,; thus being the First and Second
Sopranos and Altos, respectively. It partakes in many festivals and national completions such as the ATKV, George Choir Festival; having left all audiences astonished, and a well deserved top of the range award many a time. Choristers who've shown great commitment and consistency stand a chance to be a part of the Choir Committee ,and could be chosen as either Head or Deputy of the society by the choir. It's indeed prestigious to be titled such as it shapes one's name within the Institution in a positive light. As it's not a walk in the park to teach numerous songs to a humongous group of girls, Choristers have the individual responsibility to be attentive and cooperative at all times during rehearsals in order to meet the end goal. For entry and enquiries, auditions are held and
handled by Miss Mintoor. The Choir affords one many travelling opportunities, exposure to diverse choral music sung by other choirs; but more importantly, establishes a home away from home for fellow choristers because Music
is the universal language whereby man is able to share common ground with one another.

Computer club
By Sarah Werth
The computer lab, is a place where any Riebeek girl can use the computers to,print things and use the internet for any school projects.The computer lab is open from 14:00 - 15:00 after school, from Mondays to Thursdays and at Second breaks from Monday to Thursday. 

Cultural Board
By Sinovuyo Madlavu
The Cultural Board is known as the “Crème de la crème” of the school cultural sphere. This is the committee that oversees all cultural and service events that take place at the school. The Cultural Board either runs of helps and almost every major event that Riebeek hosts. It is made up of the Heads of all the different societies, as well as a few selected learners who apply to serve on the Cultural Board. Being a member of the Cultural Board offers learners a unique opportunity to gain organisational, time-management and leadership skills – which are all essential for life after high school. One of Riebeek’s main goals is to sculpt well-rounded young ladies and being a part of the Cultural Board, in any capacity, does exactly that. 
Dance committee
By Busiswe Setlai
The Dance Committee is the school's social events planning committee. Orgainising the three main events on the school's social calendar for the year . These events are The Valentine's Dance , Miss Riebeek and The Matric Farewell . With a committee of thirteen girls , this year , a lot of thinking and brainstorming has taken place within the committee . Both the Valentines dance and the Matric Farwell has been a huge success.
Drama Club
By Pumelela kwanini
The first drama rehearsal for 2018 was quite something. The girls showed great enthusiasm and brought along a positive attitude. We were given a chance to introduce ourselves as the drama cast and committee members, and also share something about ourselves. Ms Meyers gave us a brief explanation of what drama is all about and what will be expected from all of us. The production for 2018 will be titled: “Mzansi Youth, Let hope arise.” With about  40 girls part of our cast, it will most definitely be a success. We are all extremely excited and ready to put in all the hard work that will make the 2018 drama production a success .
Evolutio Club
By Valentina Longari
Evolutio is a society dedicated to the arts, literature, poetry, singing, dancing and painting. It is masterfully looked after by Mrs Peltason and consists of learners with an unyielding passion for any form of art. The head of Evolutio is Valentina Longari and the deputy head is Taryn Barry. Evolutio’s main event is their annual showcase in which people talented in all forms of art are invited to come and portray it. This event is always well attended and themed. Other events include attending Shakespeare in the Park, visiting the art gallery in Port Elizabeth and planning and hosting short story and poetry competitions.
First aid club
By Natalie Petzer
The first aid committee has not stumbled across any challenges that we could not overcome. We worked well together at the annual team building. Although we didn't come first this time , we had a whole lot of fun getting to know each other’s strengths, weaknesses and abilities. First aid is not only about involving yourself with others but also putting the  needs of others before your own. The first aid committee is both well trained and organized. They are eagerly ready to help others and even save lives. We take our responsibilities very seriously and we are eager for the year to come.
Going Green
By Amy Schambril 
The Going Green club is full of ladies that are all passionate about saving the environment. Animals, plants and recycling words in the going green vocabulary. Making a big difference in our world can be accomplished by doing small things that all add up to one major impact. The Going Green club strives to raise awareness of environmental issues currently affecting the earth such as the impact of plastic straws on ecosystems such as the ocean. Their goal then is to encourage the Riebeek ladies to take action against these issues. Long term endeavors include starting their own flower garden and visiting animal rehabilitation centers. The club has taken part in activities such as growing their own "bean plant babies" which they all named,  a recyclable fashion show, and a cake sale. Going Green takes places every Wednesday from 14:00 to 15:00
Interact Club
By Octavia Johannes
The Interact club brings together young people to develop their leadership skills, while discovering the power of Service Above Self. The benefits of this committee is that we are able to take action and make a difference in our school as well as in our community. We get to discover new cultures and promote international understanding. We become a leaders in our school as well as in our community. We have fun and make new  friends with other pupils at other schools.
Interact is certainly a very eventful committee. We have an annual workers hampers collection, that is handed to our grounds and kitchen staff. Last year we’ve introduced 2 new projects. They are the “Matric School Shoe Collection” as well as “Biscuits for Christmas” in aid of charity. We have various visits to old age homes, where we brighten up their day. Interact also co-ordinates an Easter egg collection for Oosterland Children’s Home. Another collection we have is our Winter Box Collection during which, essential items are distributed to underprivileged children. We also continue to raise awareness and funds for Polio with our Polio Project. Interact has recently also started volunteer work at Bayworld. This has become out newest annual planned excursion. In addition to these activities, we have regular litter clean-ups around the school and multiple civvies days and cake sales for fundraising.
Interact Board works closely with Interact Club, trying our best to get them involved whenever we can. We invite the club members to take part in our cake sales and some of our excursions , hoping to maintain their interest and involvement in the committee’s activities.
Without the girls who have been a dedicated embodiment of our motto, “ Service Above Self" these events wouldn’t be able to be the success they are. We always carry the attitude of an Interacted wherever we go so that we can continue to make a difference.

By Ahlumile Mali
As the Library committee we consist of eight library prefects and seven monitors. The prefects are in charge of issuing and returning books on the computer. Monitors are in charge of shelving the books in their alphabetical order. For the library to function productively, general rules need to be followed. There's no eating, drinking or talking in the library. Learners are to be seated if they're not looking for a book. Learners are not allowed to issue more than two books at time. The library is a place where learners can do their research on different topics. It's also a social space where you can meet new friends. With the variety of wonderful books available, learners can expand their vocabularies. We've had a great start to the year and can't wait to see what lies ahead. With the spirit of Ubuntu, feel free to donate a book and join us for our old books sale later on in the year!
Media Club
By Malakhiwe Hoffman
Media Club is an exciting and educational society where members are given numerous opportunities to develop and improve their skills in photography and journalism. Members are encouraged to take photographs at school events or freelance during break times or civvies and cake sale days and capture the spirit and enthusiasm of Riebeek girls. Media Club also gets to enjoy well organised workshops hosted by Mrs Gerber and the Media Committee. The workshops are held in Mrs Gerber's classroom straight after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and are open to all girls to enjoy. The workshops provide a friendly environment for the girls to make mistakes, learn from them and equip themselves with useful skills and techniques. Old Girls are invited from time to time to be guest speakers at these workshops and they always speak about fun and amazing topics. For an example, media got to learn about to use their five senses to write poetry from Olwethu Mxoli. Media Club also learnt about journalism from Ma-aasha Ismail, and the film industry from Loren Buchner. The Media Committee gets to work closely with Mrs Gerber and have the opportunity to learn about important media aspects of the school. Such as setting up and updating the school's social media which is Facebook, Instagram, the D6, the website, the YouTube channel and the annual school magazine. Committee members are also able to cover media for school events, writing articles and taking photographs. They are also able to help Mrs Gerber with the co-ordination of the society and school formal photographs that appear in the school magazine. Committee members are in charge of updating the D6 board put out in the school foyer with highlights of school events and the weekly newsletter e-mailed to parents every Wednesday for girls, parents and visitors to look at. As a committee member, one is given a platform to showcase their skills by organising workshops, creating power points, writing event articles and taking photographs at school as media crew. Committee members, Club members and all girls are encouraged to excel in journalism and photography as a floating Oscar Award is awarded to a learner who has shown excellence and skill. It is a great privilege to serve in Media Club and as a committee member. I would like to thank Mrs Gerber for being an amazing mentor and grooming the girls. Her eager-to-teach spirit has influenced the girls to build good reputations and set high standards I'm their work and ethics.
Phly Thread Committee
By Lara Naidoo

Phylthread is a committee that aims to prevent bullying in our school and to stand up for those who are being bullied. We as a committee promote empathy, love and acceptance for all Riebeek College ladies. We have a Get together, where we all get together to talk about everyday problems that we as girls often face and try to give the best advice to each other. The Phlythread committee is there to make our school environment a happy and enjoyable one.

Quiz Club
By Romesa Muhammad

Quiz strives for excellence and always manages to teaches us something new. Quiz is a place of continuous learning and growth. We learn something new every day and Quiz is no different as it helps us to expand our knowledge.  We get to learn about our current affairs and even what happened a long time ago in the past. In Quiz questions are asked in their own categories where each learner can answer the questions in the category that they know most about. Quiz also teaches learners to work together as a team as they answer questions in their houses.
The Quiz categories are as follows: Current Affairs, Sports, History, Arts and Entertainment, People and Places, Science and Technology and Wild Card. Quiz aims to spread the love for knowledge within each learner in a number of ways. After all, knowledge is Power!

SCA Club
By Gabrielle Ownhouse

The SCA – Student Christian Association is a group of young individual learners who have a passion for Jesus and spreading the gospel. We strive to connect people to people, and people to Jesus. We do this by creating a space for teens and tweens to connect with one another in a safe environment where they can encounter God. SCA holds weekly sessions in the Student Centre where we fellowship, have fun and learn more about God’s Word. Sessions for Grade 8-12 are held on a Thursday at first break in the Student Centre. Our SU team also holds sessions for Grade 4-7 on every second Wednesday in the Student Centre at second break. Our theme for the year is #TheRealMe which corresponds well with our main verse which is Timothy 4:12-“Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but be an example for the believers in your speech, your conduct, your love, faith, and purity.”

Lara Naidoo
The SPCA is a committee that raises awareness against cruelty towards animals. We raise funds throughout the year which we hand over to the SPCA at the end of the year. To raise funds, we have numerous cake sales and a civvies day which is usually well supported. The SPCA committee has an annual SPCA visit where we hand over large amounts of dog and cat food and play with lonely dogs to get their tails wagging again.

 April 15, 2018
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Heads of Societies, ...

York hockey tour 2018

BY Octavia Johannes

If I were to describe York Hockey Tour 2018 in 1 word, I would definitely say amazing! The first hockey team, consisting of Lara Naidoo (C), Tammy Jafta (VC),  Sinovuyo Madlavu, Keziah Brandt, Octavia Johannes, Mateenah Langford, Anovuyo Singeni, Aphiwe Ngona, Shannon Blignaut, Chwayita Jonas, Ashlynne Arnolds, Brazil Kilian and Tarryn Barry, left to George on the morning of Wednesday 28 March. We were accompanied by Miss Potgieter, our coach and Miss Balie, our manager who joined is in George from Cape Town. 
On Wednesday night it was the annual Welcome Braai. Although the matric team players were really tired from the matric dance the previous evening, the excitement of being able to initiate the new team players reenergised us. This year, we had 4 “kids”: Ashlynne, Chwayita, Brazil and Tarryn. For the initiation, the seniors dressed up the kids in a variety of characters ranging from Michael Jackson to Santa Claus and had a tremendous load of fun with them at the braai the evening. 
Our Thursday started of very early, as we played the first girls’ astro turf match of the festival, against York. This was followed by 2 more games that day, against El Shaddai and Krugersdorp. The team was commended on their persevering spirit while playing through the rain during all their games that day. 
Part 2 of the initiation took place on Thursday evening. The kids had to spend the rest of their afternoon and night dressed in pyjamas, hair wrapped in headscarves and carrying baby dolls, amongst all the teams, while they watched the matches from the stands.
On Friday we played 2 games, against Bellville and York Invitational. Friday night is traditionally the team night out but because we played a night game, takeaways afterwards had to settle as majority of the places were closed.
Our final 2 matches were played on Saturday morning against Edgemead and Pinelands. Thereafter, we packed our bags, said our heartfelt goodbyes and headed for home. 
Not many of the games were in our favour during the festival, however we’ve managed to achieve a win and a draw. Over the course of the tour we’ve really grown in unity as a team. Countless memories were made, friendships build and old ones strengthened. Special mention must be made of the defenders: Octavia Johannes, Keziah Brandt, Tammy Jafta and Tarryn Barry for their solid defensive efforts throughout the festival. Last but not least to a very special defender, Sinovuyo Madlavu, for staying strong and persisting through every match inspite of her hand injury and for keeping the defensive line together. To Shannon Blignaunt, our Queen Goalie, for her remarkable saves, also, to our goal scorers, Lara Naidoo, Mateenah Langford and Anovuyo Singeni. 
Most of all, thank you to Miss Potgieter and Miss Balie for taking the time out their holidays to accompany, coach and look after us all week. Special mention must be made to our coach, Miss Pot, for teaching us throughout tour what good sportsmanship is all about. 

 April 11, 2018
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Octavia Johannes

grade 10 outing 2018

BY By Azraa Rockman and Romesa Muhammad

The Grade 10 Outing of 26th March was truly one to remember. Bringing Life Sciences, English and our History class outdoors was what made the experience fun and it was definitely a unique way of drawing our attention to the sea life. We used words to describe our feelings and the scenery to relax our minds. As a grade, we also learnt about the South African heritage that we often find ourselves taking for granted.
On arrival we started off with a Life Sciences task given to us by Miss de Beer and Miss du Preez where we had to identify different types of sea life. Although getting our feet wet was a bit of a hassle for some of us, we all cooperated and showed exactly how well we can work together as a team which was much appreciated by our teachers. As a way of winding down from our activities Mrs Gerber assisted us on a mindfulness exercise where we were given the opportunity to take in the beautiful blue depths that surrounded us. The litter clean up that followed gave us the opportunity to give back to the community and allowed us to add to the spirit of Ubuntu. We were also given the opportunity to describe our experiences of our morning on the beach through a creative writing task, allowing us to take our English class outdoors. “Drowning in the heat of the boiling sun but the contact between your feet and the fading waves soothe your body and relax your soul,” wrote Anabo Thompson describing her thoughts perfectly. Here is what Alexandra Dennis had to say: “The sun-kissed, jagged masterpiece is playing tug of war with the waves. I love not knowing when the next one will crash. I find the uncertainty relaxing.”
Everyone seemed very keen to start the picnic at the Donkin Reserve. Here we were given time to unwind for a bit and relax before getting into the History section of our outing. At the reserve, Mrs Gerber shared with us the sad love story of Sir Rufane Donkin and the pyramid he had built for his late wife, which touched many of us. We were also given a chance to look at some inclusive heritage and were given a broader understanding of exactly what the heritage meant to the community at present and even those before the current inhabitants of Port Elizabeth. The trip up the lighthouse was exciting and, in the most sense, terrifying for some of us. However, most of us proved brave to make it all the way to the top and catch a mere glimpse of what the area looked like from such a great height. “It was really crazy to see how small everything actually is from up there. And to think that we’d look that small to someone else!” said Robyn Minnaar. Hereafter, we shared what we thought about our fellow Grade 10s in our #TenBeautifulThoughts exercise where we were be given a name at random and had to write down the ten most beautiful things we found about them. This exercise allowed us to walk home feeling content, as we were able to share the good that we thought about others as well as look at what others found beautiful about our own personalities.
As they say, “all good things must come to an end”, we reluctantly accepted it. After a very busy day of scavenging for sea life, reflecting on what we felt, as well as climbing what could only be a million and one flights of steps at the lighthouse, we made our way home feeling exhausted but only with the feeling of accomplishment. We could all agree that our outing was the perfect way to end off our term and we would not have wanted it any other way. The outing would not have been made possible without Mrs Gerber, Mr Weideman, Miss de Beer, Miss du Preez and Mrs Myburg and we would truly like to thank them for constantly keeping an eye out for us throughout the day. Lastly, thank you to the Grade 10 class of 2018 for making this outing one that will remain a memory to be cherished forever.

 April 02, 2018
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By Azraa Rockman and...

matric farewell dance

A sparkly and glittery good evening, ladies and gentlemen. When I sat down and started thinking about what it was I wanted to say tonight, I put on the shoes I am wearing now, mainly because I was hoping the more I wore them, the more comfortable they would become for tonight, but also because a part of me thought they might give me some inspiration for what I was going to say in this speech. And, like magic, trying out my shoes conjured up the image of Cinderalla at the great ball. 
As children, we loved the tale of how Cinderella lost her shoe but found her prince. The story teaches us not to dwell on our losses but focus on our gains. Like Cinderella we are finally here, at our ball, glowing, resilient and transformed. In our process of growing into the people we are today, we’ve lost, hurt, and sacrificed, yet here we are, not with our losses, but with our gains. We stand tonight as beautiful, powerful and firm young ladies. 
A big part of this is thanks to Riebeek College and the room she has given us to grow.
There is an African proverb I love, which says, “It takes a village to raise a child.” We came to Riebeek as tiny, bright eyed, bushy-tailed, mischievous little children. And the teachers in this room took those children and moulded them into young ladies. Tonight is a celebration of who we have become thanks to the love and dedication of our teachers and parents. We thank our parents for their patience and sacrifices that allowed us to be here tonight with the outfit we demanded and the personalities they helped nurture. Our parents and teachers have played huge roles in the story of how we made it to this moment and we honour and value them tonight.
I would like to say a huge thank you, on behalf of the matric class, to Mrs Bean, the dance committee and all the teachers involved in the preparations for this amazing night for their hard work. It might seem amazing that the fairy godmother changed a pumpkin into a carriage for Cinderella but what the team has done in transforming this school hall into such elegance is truly beyond belief and the stuff of fairytales. Thank you, Mrs Stear and Mrs Snyman, for allowing us this special night – you have been kind in your responses to our many requests and we are so grateful. 
Our 2018 school theme is Ubuntu, “Umntu, ngumntu ngabantu”: I am because we are. Our grade has grown together, laughed together, and cried together, Tonight, here we are, still together, inter-connected by our shared story and spirit of sisterhood.
I am so honoured to be able to stand up here and say, “This is it!” We have finally made it here. And as we look at the people around our tables and then at everyone around this hall, we realise how far we have come, together – which is actually quite a long way; as recent exposure of our grade 4 profiles clearly shows. Most of us have been planning this night ever since we walked through the very same gates through which we entered tonight, 8 years ago. Between now and then, we’ve managed to put together quite the collection of memories and experiences, and while we haven’t always liked each other, we have mostly loved each other, and I think that is really what tonight is about; celebrating the years we have spent together, as Riebeek girls. 
My fairy tale wishes for tonight are: that our shoes do fit, that we do not lose a glass slipper, that our prince does not have to search the kingdom for us and; that tonight truly is our Cinderella fairytale come to life and that we do get to say, as in all good fairytales, “they all lived happily ever after”.
 March 29, 2018
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matric farewell 2018 review


The Matric Farewell was attended by 88 beautiful young Riebeek ladies and their handsome partners along with Mrs Stear, the matric staff, Mr and Mrs Madlavu and Mrs Bisett. 
The theme for the evening was Forever Tonight and was brought to life by the wooden tables, vintage lanterns and table décor. The ladies showcased various fashions choices such as colour and style, with Shannon Butler and Aton de Vos, two best friends, highlighting their favourite dusty gold. A note must be made about the matriculants ability to dominate the dance; these fun-loving young ladies managed to convert the ChaCha slide into the Riebeek slide. 
The event began with a welcoming and a toast by Mrs Stear followed by the head girl; Sinovuyo Madlavu’s speech. Sinovuyo’s speech followed the idea that all the young matriculants are in their own way a Cinderella story and maintained the theme of Ubuntu. The deputy head girl; Omhle Bisett said grace and the ladies enjoyed a very delicious three course meal. The prefects were then asked to open the dance floor with a graceful Viennese Waltz and the evening continued with laughter, music and open conversation until it was time for the stunning ladies and their partners to leave. 
The Dance committee outdid themselves with the preparation and execution of this successful event and are thanked along with all that helped them in arranging the event for their time, effort and creativity. 
Many thanks go to the outstanding photographers Mr Weideman and Mrs Gerber and Mr Malcolm Bean for the DVD of this auspicious occasion. Areef de Long – the DJ of Prime Music Productions is thanked for his time and talent to provide the girls with a night of music they will never forget. The Corsages were donated by Maria of Jays Florist. The Riebeek ladies heartily thank all the teachers that took time away from their busy schedules in providing the girls with the incredible evening –and the dance committee teachers - Mrs Bean, Mrs Stroebel, Mrs Kruger and Mrs Stear for allowing the girls to enjoy one of the greatest milestones of high school life. A silver bracelet with a heart pendant was given to each matric.

 March 29, 2018
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Creativity poetry workshop

BY Kay Van Niekerk

The Creativity Media Workshop was held by Olwethu Mxoli, a, poet and old Riebeek Old Girl (Class of 2013) on Thursday, 22 March 2018
Olwethu gave us a blank piece of paper and told us to draw something that described ourselves, most of us did not know what to draw, as we didn't know if it would be accurate or not, but one of her main rules were that no thinking is allowed so we drew what came to our minds. Olwethu made us write about our drawing and made us see that it was more than just a simple drawing. She made us see that each drawing has a story behind it. 
Olweto gave each of us odd objects such as old cell phones and hair rollers. We had to write about these objects, but none of us knew what to write about. Most girls had no clue what to say but at the end of it all everyone had something interesting to say about their object, the girls made their object come to life, which was really amazing. 
She also told us to combine our odd objects together and write a poem. The girls found this very difficult, because of the different objects we all had, but in the end we enjoyed it. Olwethu taught us that sometimes you will have to work with others that has a different perspective than you and it was really challenging but fun. Thank you to Mrs Gerber and those who organised, and thanks also to Olwethu Mxoli for hosting an amazing workshop. Thank you, Megan Potgieter, for the organising of this event.

 March 27, 2018
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Kay Van Niekerk

Senior Gala 2018 – Fun in The Sun 

BY Chwayita Hanabe

The senior gala, which took place on 23rd March, was “Fantastic!” as said by Miss Mintoor. The cheerleaders from each house made sure that there was always a cheerful moment. Cwayita Maneli, from Elizabeth, was one of these amazing and spirited cheerleaders.The swimmers kept their spirits high and never lost hope. “Fun is the key to success.” says Chulumanco Mayi. Some of the most memorable moments of the gala were the dances, seeing the matrics in their spontaneous outfits and everyone singing their hearts out. Elton’s theme for the dance was ‘A Trip around Africa, During War’ and their choreographer was Sima Mankayi. Elizabeth’s theme was ‘Workers from the Zulu Tribe’ and their choreographers were Chulumanco Mayi and Ayandiswa Douw. Eleanor’s theme was ‘Minions’ and everyone contributed a move for the dance. “It’s so great to see everyone filled with school spirit.” Said Mrs Stark. The end results were as follows: The winning house for the dance was Elizabeth. The house with the most spirit was Eleanor and the house that had the most swimming points was Eleanor. “There’s no I in team!” says Phumza Mandla. We would like to thank Mr Reynolds, Mr Lawson and Mr Smith for taking time out of their busy schedules to help us judge the gala. We would also like to thank the first aiders, Kezley Rayners and Naytuan Matill for assisting with First Aid, Miss Potgieter, the gala’s noble announcer and Mrs Stark who organised the unforgettable event. The staff would like to record that the staff team won their race.

 March 27, 2018
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Chwayita Hanabe

mermaid splash gala

BY Miss J. Hattingh

Splish Splash It's a Mermaid Bash! This year's Junior Mini Fun Gala was filled with great excitement, fun and laughter.
The morning began with the much anticipated house dances which saw Eleanor clinching first place and Elizabeth receiving special recognition for their gorgeous outfits. Our team swimmers opened the gala in style with a 50m freestyle challenge. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the fun races and the delicious eats at the tuckshop that were provided by the Grade 7s.

The gala drew to a close with the grade 6s winning the intergrade relay and Elizabeth winning the interhouse relay. As a new event at the gala to celebrate their last year, the grade 7s did a mermaid treasure hunt for coins at the bottom of the pool. This proved challenging as the pool was so murky!
A big thank you to all the girls for participating and cheering all day, to the many parents who came to support, the Grade 7s and their parents for contributing to the tuckshop, Mr Smith, Mr Lawson and Mr Reynolds for officiating the gala, Mrs Craill for helping with the tuckshop and to the teachers for their tireless enthusiasm. Thank you to Miss Hattingh for her co-ordination of the event with the assistance of the junior school teachers
 March 21, 2018
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Miss J. Hattingh

Welcome, miss van der westhuizen

BY Miss C. van der Westhuizen

Riebeek College extends a warm welcome to Miss van der Westhuizen who joins the Riebeek staff from Term 2: Miss van der Westhuizen writes: "I was born and bred in Uitenhage. I started school at the age of 5 at Bambi, went to College Hill and then spent my schooling career at Riebeek College.
I studied at NMMU where I completed my B.Ed degree majoring in Languages (IP). I completed the practical aspect of my degree as a student teacher at Riebeek in 2013. I furthered my studies and completed my B.Ed Honours in 2014 which was the same year that I started teaching! I was a teacher assistant at Riebeek for six months after graduating before I started teaching at Strelitzia, and that’s where I’ve been for the last four years.
I love my church and I’ve been a youth leader for the last eight years. I love working with young people, being able to impact them and play a role in helping them to discover who they are.
My interests and hobbies include writing, youth and community involvement, reading, traveling, romance novels and playing tennis.
I would describe myself as being down to earth, but also a perfectionist at times. I’m caring and have a big heart. I love spending time with family and friends. I’m a wanderlust - I love adventure! I want to travel the world, see beautiful places and explore the uncharted.
I love teaching because, as a teacher, you are seen as a role model, an inspiration. You get to play a role in helping a child find their place and their identity. You get to see how a child grows from the minute she steps into your classroom for the first time to the last day of school. I get to give back and pour out the wisdom and knowledge that I gained when I was at school. And that’s amazing!
I’m so excited to be back at the school that taught me so much, the school that played a massive role in mounding me into the woman I am today."

 March 21, 2018
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Miss C. van der West...

Farewell, Mrs Chrysostomou

BY admin
Riebeek Old Girl, Mrs Chrysostomou, leaves Riebeek…again, but this time the departure is more intense than the time we watched her in the Valedictory tunnel. This time, she leaves as a married professional, a blossoming teacher whose time here was characterised by vigour and enthusiasm, who has endured trauma and shown us the principle of strength in adversity.
Mrs Chrysostomou matriculated from Riebeek College in 2006 with her trademark involvement and enthusiasm in evidence: Interact Club, Dance Committee (heading the Miss Riebeek Portfolio), Grade 11 RCL, Wild Life Society, Prefect, Eleanor Vice House Captain, Second Team Hockey and the School Indoor Hockey side. She studied at NMMU and undertook the practical component of her qualification at Riebeek in 2011. After a gap year in Cyprus, Mrs Chrysostomou joined the Riebeek Family as a staff member in 2013.
Riebeek was the perfect fit for this enthusiastic, capable and vibrant young teacher. Working with a best friend, Mrs T. Woods, Mrs Chrysostomou taught Grade 6s and then Grade 7s. She served as a Grade Head, the Junior first and second team hockey coach, the teacher in charge of Junior Going Green and the Junior Computer Lab, Junior Hockey Festival co-organiser, Sasol Enviro Quiz to Free State in 2014, Junior Inter-house hockey co-ordinator, Stay-Awake coordinator and Junior Movie Days co-ordinator.

The learners speak of her hockey tours with awe. They loved that she taught them card games and board games. They enjoyed her technology innovations in the classroom and how much effort she put equipping the junior school computer room. She brought lessons to life with the i-pads. She broadened the girls’ general knowledge and she encouraged them to take part and do more. She warned them of the dangers of social media. She not only taught her subject or coached her hockey teams, she infused her time with the girls with character building and holistic development. Her work with the junior Going Green club led to dirty girls, vegetables grown and recycled items forming outdoor furniture around the junior prefabs.

Megan Potgieter, Grade 8, wrote: “Whether it be on the hockey field or in the classroom, Mrs Chrysostomou brings a certain excitement everywhere she goes. She has shown love, respect and support. Her tough love and hard work is shown with her hockey teams. Mrs C, we wish you good luck and thank you for all your jokes and important lessons. You will be missed.”

Mrs Woods said, ““It’s not what you have in life, but who you have that matters.” This statement rings true for Mrs Chrysostomou. She has enriched lives at Riebeek College, for the past 5 years, giving of herself and her time to fulfill the needs of the learners. She has always been willing to go the extra mile for the Riebeek girls. Her learners and sports teams have always benefited from her love of adventure. Last year’s Junior Hockey team went on tour to hike, see tigers and go on a boat ride with Mrs Chysostomou. Her love for fashion and the latest trends is admired by the staff and the girls. We all agree that Mrs Chrysostomou looks “on point”. l will miss the cup of coffee from her when she knows I am having a tough day, our walks up to class, sharing our lunch because we are trying to eat healthily but we are always hungry, our evening phone calls to chat about the day and supper, our unhealthy obsession with Le Creuset and the latest must-have kitchen gadget, and comparing how layers of clothing in winter.”
Miss Hattingh fondly remembers winter days when Mrs Chrysostomou came knocking on her door, either looking for a blanket or begging her to join her to sit in the sun. Grade 6 and 7 classes would work on the tennis court so that there could be warmth.
Mrs Chrysostomou has a great way with babies and children. Mrs Viljoen, Mrs Gunter and Mrs Gerber attest to Mrs Chrysostomou being a favourite aunt to their children. Mrs Chrysostomou is a loyal friend and the staff have relied on her for Greek rusks, the latest music, help with technology and advice. She has been a pillar of strength through the toughest of times.
The travelling bug has bitten Mrs. Chrysostomou numerous times. She loves to travel. As she and her husband embark on more travels and adventures, we hope that they continue to make memories together. Mrs Woods wrote, “Chloe, my girl, we will miss seeing you every day, but we are all very excited for you as you and Angelo embark on this new journey together. You deserve all the happiness in the world.”
For Mrs Chrysostomou, there were many highlights at Riebeek. She enjoyed the opportunity to work with the people she did, especially being fortunate to work closely with best friends and to bounce ideas off of each other’s ideas and energy. The junior school concert led to feeling proud when she saw Jaymee Swanepoel and Erinn Kettledas pull off the main Jackson moves. Hockey tours were special and she loved seeng what the girls gained from it. She also realised how much she learnt from the girls too on tour. Seeing the girls grow and building relationships with them, realising how helpful Riebeek girls are and noting that each learner has a purpose in the classroom were special aspects of Riebeek. Last year’s Grade 7s effort to make 2017 a great year will be remembered: “Each girl took initiative to play an important part of each day in the classroom. Whether it was cleaning the class, making everyone laugh at the start of each morning, writing articles, editing articles, making sure we were up to date with music for events, making sure we had good movies for movie days and constantly reminding me about important things... this was all the girls’ efforts.” The saying " The floor is lava" which the Grade 7's of 2017 would randomly scream out in class when she was teaching would mean they all had to jump onto seats and continue working in order to survive. She will miss the family handshake of her classes and the positive morning greetings every class sings. She will miss knocking on teachers’ doors to distract the teachers a bit, make their day a little more interesting and unsettle their classes slightly, just for fun. She loves how protective they are about the Grade 6 and 7 prefab area.
Mrs Chrysostomou remembers, with gratitude, often knocking on Mrs Snyman’s door for her first two years at Riebeek for guidance when it came to English teaching and then the last three years for every other issue that came about or advise needed. Another mentor was Jayde, who she worked side by side with. Mrs M Woods’ continuous words of wisdom and time spent with the staff were cherished too.
“Riebeek has been a big part of my life. It has helped me grow personally and professionally. I will cherish the friendships that I have built, what I have learnt from my colleagues and the memories. The girls will always be special to me as they always went out of their way to make me laugh, no matter what. I am grateful for the support that Riebeek has given me and the unconditional love from the girls and staff when I needed it most,” were Mrs Chrysostomou’s farewell words.
Mrs Chrysostomou leaves Riebeek with these words of wisdom:” Don’t let your troubles from yesterday affect who you are and what you do today because in life "tough times don't last, tough people last." Always move forward: #AlwaysForward because Hakuna Matata. Hold your head up high and don't let anything stop you from succeeding. Walk through life with dignity. Stay humble. You never know what path you end up on so be true to yourself. I believe that the biggest test is life itself. We are here to be pushed and tried to see how far we can go, and there is nothing you cannot handle. Do not stress, its contribution is futile. It is how you present yourself and how you decide to handle a situation that determines your results. There are two options; you can either choose to learn, become better, grow and inspire or let it be your downfall. It is ultimately your choice. Have a goal, stick to your intuitive and make a success of yourself. No excuses.”
 March 21, 2018
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Choir Camp 2018

BY By Naqeesha Koester

On 2nd  March, the Senior Choir headed to Sumcay in joyful song, for the annual choir camp.
The weekend started off with enthusiastic Grade 8s learning the gumboot dance, followed by various hymns and gospel melodies. The highlight of that Friday night was the welcome session with Mr Sherwin Nel.  During the session we were taught about socialising with one another and empowering each other as a sisterhood of girls. Saturday was a day filled with hard work and dedication, as we had many productive sessions. We had the opportunity to relax in the swimming pool during breaks. Some girls reached new heights on the trampolines as relaxation.
Saturday evening gave girls an opportunity to showcase their talents. The traditional talent show was themed “The Musical” this year and girls were tasked to perform a scene from a musical. Our adjudicators this year was our very own Miss R Meyers and a guest, Miss C Chrisstoffels. The winners of the best group performance were Chwayita Hanabe, Hope Adams, Iviwe Majweta, Liqhawe Nogampula, Musa Daweti and Rachel Akilo for their performance of Annie.  Boiketlo Mtau won the award for Best Actress while Achumile Bashe took the title of Best Singer. The Malinga twins, Anesipho and Siphosethu, once again outdone themselves and danced away with the Best Dancers award.
The weekend off on a positive note as everyone worked very hard.
We extend a special thanks to Miss Mintoor and Mrs Mapoma for planning the successful weekend, and Miss Meyers and Mrs Stark for safely transporting the choir to Sumcay. We thank our guest judges Miss C Chrisstoffels and Miss Meyers for adjudicating the talent show as well as the caterers and staff of Sumcay. We would like to say thank you to each chorister for making the weekend a memorable one. 

 March 07, 2018
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By Naqeesha Koester

traffic congestion

BY Mrs K. Stear

The congestion outside Riebeek College in the mornings before school commences and then again at 14:00 when school ends has reached unacceptable levels. This is coupled with many drivers / parents completely ignoring the rules of the road and this poses a great threat to the safety of our Riebeek girls and staff. Drivers create dangerous situations by U-turning in front of the school or in the school driveway, parking in non-parking areas such as on the zebra crossing and also failing to stop at the zebra crossing when our girls are trying to cross the road.
The staff of Riebeek have received abuse from drivers / parents when they attempt to stop drivers from parking in incorrect and dangerous places such as on the zebra crossing. It is unacceptable for my staff to be abused by drivers / parents. Our teachers have the welfare of our girls at heart and they would be failing in their duty to the learners should they not attempt to stop dangerous driving habits.
I have requested on numerous occasions for the Uitenhage Traffic Department to send a Pointsman to direct the traffic before and after school. From time to time a person is sent to direct the traffic but this is intermittent. A regular Pointsman is needed.
I ask parents not to park on the zebra crossing or to U-turn in front of the school or in the school driveway and to exercise a little more patience. If you need to U-turn, please drive to the end of North St and turn at the circle. If parents pay for their girls to be transported by taxi, please do inform the drivers of this communication. As parents, you are paying good money to get your daughters to school so please ensure that the transport drivers have the safety of your precious daughter at heart and that they stop the type of driving that is happening outside our school at present.
I remind you that the hostel gate is an alternative drop off and pick up point, as is the gate in Dunn Rd and we do have guards stationed at both these gates in the morning and at 14:00.
I trust that I will receive the cooperation of both parents and transport drivers in this matter.
Yours sincerely

 March 04, 2018
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Mrs K. Stear

Stay Awake

BY Megan Potgieter

The challenge had officially began. It was time to Stay Awake! The annual Stay Awake was held on 22nd February and had every Grade 4 to 7 excited. The theme this year was 'Everlasting Enchanted EmojiLand.' The atmosphere was lively and exciting, with girls dressing up in crazy costumes, such as angel wings and unicorn horns. The teachers were also dressed up in their own fun and festive attire. The hall and foyer was beautifully decorated with mermaids, unicorns, and of course, emojis. The hall was tightly packed with enthusiastic girls and photo-ready parents. The first activity had the girls testing their texting skills by drawing their own 'Everlasting Enchanted EmojiLand.' Within a couple minutes, the first balloon was popped, and just ten minutes later, the dances began. Every dance was well choreographed and well rehearsed over the previous weeks. The first few dances stood out the most, with groups one, four, eleven and sixteen creating a glow in the dark effect by using glow in the dark as bracelets in their dance. First place in the dances was group nineteen, second place was group one, and third went to group eleven . Congrats to all the groups for working hard and pulling it off. The next activity was arts and crafts and their task was to create an enchanted owl using toilet paper rolls. Finally it was time for the Midnight Feast. This was arguably the girls favourite part. Soon it was the Disco Drive and everyone brought out their best moves while dancing to their favorite hits. 
 Afterwards came the Treasure Hunt. The groups searched around the school and enjoyed working together as a team, while keeping the little ones close together and safe. Right after was the Modeling. One Grade 7 from each group was chosen. The winners of this competition were Sarah-Leigh Thompson, Haneefa Karim, and Truné Viljoen.  Next the girls made some Enchanted Edibles. Their task was to make emojis out of biscuits, icing and an assortment of sweets, and the end result was a sweet and yummy treat!
It was then time for the Disco Queen Bees- Intergrade Dance Competition. Congratulations to all the winners, Siwonge Manzini, Sibabalwe Daniels, Linathi Mandla ad Liyabona Mike. Following that came the Karaoke. This was enjoyed by many, even though some felt the feeling the sleepiness creeping in. 
 It was finally time for the Balloon Beat. Everyone had fun participating, while trying to win. The girls then headed off to see the sunrise. When they headed back in, it was time for the prize giving. Soon it was time to go home and have a good rest. Thank you to all the junior teachers for organising such a well planned event. Lastly, thank you to Mrs Stear and Mrs Snyman for letting the Junior School host yet another successful Stay Awake.

 February 27, 2018
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Megan Potgieter


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