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7 March 2016

The Principal and Staff of  Riebeek College Girls’ High School  invite you to join them in celebrating their Founder’s Day on Friday 6 May 2016.  The traditional hockey match between the School’s First Team and an Old Girls’ Team will be played at 08:15 on the College Field.  Tea will be served in the Beehive Student Centre at 09:30 and the official reunion photographs will be taken between 9.30 and 10 on the stands at the hockey field.  There will be a special assembly at 10:30 in the Sholto McIntyre Hall.  There will be an Old Girls’ Lunch at the Uitenhage Golf Club at 12.30 for 1 at a cost of R130 for a three course mealProof of payment for the lunch should be forwarded to and any seating and dietary requests for the lunch should be forwarded to  (There are some groups who have opted to collect the lunch money among themselves and pay collectively with a list of who payment is for).  We urge that reunion ladies start paying payments for the lunch.


ACCOUNT NAME:                                            RIEBEEK COLLEGE GIRLS’ HIGH SCHOOL

ACCOUNT NUMBER:                                      539 712 843 52

BANK:                                                                   FIRST NATIONAL BANK, UITENHAGE

BRANCH CODE:                                                 210 316

Reference:                                                          your surname, year of reunion or matriculation or leaving school  (eg Smith55)

All past pupils of Riebeek are invited to attend all the events of the day, with the reunion groups especially requested to attend.  Reunion groups are also especially requested to attend the lunch.

Note that copies of magazines of your year (if available) and other years are sold at the school on the day of the reunion for R100 each or with a discount for purchases of a few magazines.

We urge all our Old Girls to use the MY SCHOOL CARD and to have Riebeek as a beneficiary.  MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet is one of South Africa's biggest fundraising programmes and allows you to make a difference, just by shopping. Every time you use your card at any of the partner stores they'll give back a percentage of your purchase value, on your behalf, to Riebeek at absolutely no cost to you!  Get your free card today. Every swipe counts!  You can apply online at  Partner outlets include Altech Netstar, Cartridge Recycling: greenOFFICE, Engen,, MegaMobi, MySchool Holidays,, Reggies, Toys R Us, Waltons, Woolworths, Woolworths Rewards.

Please visit Riebeek at our website and our facebook page  (look for the badge as the icon).

This year we will not have a formal questionnaire to fill out for Old Girls but we extend an invitation to Old Girls to visit the website and fill in an information sheet there or for each reunion group to draw up their own questionnaires to circulate amongst each other and to let us have copies of these (some groups make a booklet to print out or a digital booklet for everyone to read about each other and to catch up).  Here are some typical questions one could include:

Here are some typical questions you could include:

Name of Old Girl:            

Surname of Old Girl:      

Maiden Surname (if married):

Year Matriculated or year you would have matriculated at Riebeek if you had left school to go elsewhere:           

Did you study further after school?  (Where, what and when):

Where do you work and what is your profession, job title, position?  Tell us a  bit about your career path, highs and lows professionally.

Are you married?  When did you marry?  What is your husband’s name AND what is his profession?

Are you a mother?  If so, what are your children’s names and ages as at 1 December 2016:

Tell us a bit about yourself, your hobbies, your life:

What lessons did you learn at Riebeek?

What are some of your memories of Riebeek?

Which of the values of Riebeek have you kept throughout your life?

Which Riebeek OLD GIRL/ TEACHER had the greatest impact on you and how/why?

Any other comments


This could be emailed to or filled in on the website.


We look forward to seeing you all at Founder’s Day. Mrs Woods is particularly looking forward to catching up on all the news and sharing her last Founder’s Day as the principal with you.


Kind Regards

Sandra Gerber


Reunion groups put up posters and displays of their reunion group in the foyer at Founder's Day each year.


reasons to attend a reunion

Sourced from the internet

1. Because You Still Can!

Life is short...
Each day and milestone should be celebrated!

 2. Because you're never too cool for your high school friends.
(and you'll be missed if you do not show up!)

3.Your family is tired of hearing your stories and
you want to relive them with someone who actually cares!

4. Ummm…who else is gonna fill in the blanks to your slipping memory? Thank goodness for name tags!

 5. If we get a good turnout, we could break a record or have a great status for our facebook page.

 6. Because you still think you have a crush on..
(umm, wait, don't think anyone can remember!)

8. If you don't show up, we'll assume you still have big/long or even no hair.
But, no one really cares about your hair! 
They want to see you!
 9. You know you really want to!
(it just might be fun!)   

10. Hey…Who cares if we don't fit into our old bellbottoms?  Ya gotta stay huggable!
Friends just want to see you!

11. Network! Network! Network!
It's a small world and you will be surprised at how many wonderful "coincidences" life really holds!

12. Because you're still upset that you were only voted runner-up forsomething...
(but we really can't remember!)

13. Enjoy an evening out without the Grandkids.
Don't worry, you might even be home before curfew or
the late evening news...

14.You've always wondered what happened to...
(um,can't remember!)

15. Show off your pictures
(of your family,kids,grandkids, hot date,pets,car, vacations, etc!)!

16. Renew old friendships.
There's really nothin' like an"old"old friend!

 18. Renew not so old friendships, meet new friends!

19. Get the latest gossip, as well as can be remembered.

20. Because if you don't show up, you might be the subject of that gossip
(if anyone can  remember!)

 21. See and be seen.

(because we might not remember, but it's fun to people watch!)

22. The more some things change, the more some things stay the same...
and the fun is in trying to figure out the difference between the two!

23. Because you're curious and you HAVE to know what everyone hasbeen doing for the last few years.  

24.Did we mention there would be lots of FUN??

25.You Love Reunions!

26.You have nothing better to do.

(sitting or napping on the couch doesn't count...) 

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